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  1. cYBerBULLYING Caitlin Owens Kutztown University Summer II ITC 525-801

  2. cYBerMENU What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber Bullying Quick Facts Why are they Cyber Bullies? Are you a Cyber Bully? What do you do if you are being Cyber Bullied? Cyber Bullying in the News ABC Family Addresses Cyber Bullying Educational Standards Cyber Bullying Questions Credits

  3. What is cYBerBULLYING? • Cyber Bullying is when adolescents or teens use communication via electronic devices to bully, pick on, torment, taunt, or harrass other adolescents or teens • This communication may include: • Texting • Instant Messaging • Facebook • Twitter • MySpace • And more…

  4. cYBer Bullying Quick Facts • 43% of 13-17 year olds have been cyber bullied • There are more female cyber bullies than male • About one third of those who have been involved in cyber bullying have been both a bully and the one being bullied • About 80% of teens believe that it is easier to get away with bullying online than in person • Cyber Bullying can cause a person to harm themselves or others

  5. Why are they cYBer Bullies? • Reasons why teens cyber bully • They think it’s fun • They want to be mean • They want to embarrass the other person • They want to show off in front of their friends • They feel the other person deserves it • They want to get back at someone

  6. What do you do if are being cYBer Bullied? • Talk to your parents • Talk to a friend • Report the bully to an internet service provider • Do not read bully messages and delete any you might receive • Cut off all communication with the bully

  7. Are You a cYBer Bully? • Go to • Pick your age group • Take the Cyber Bully quiz to see where you rate on the Cyber Bully scale. • Work to reduce your own Cyber Bullying by paying attention to the small things that can be considered Cyber Bullying

  8. Cyber Bullying in the News • Phoebe Prince, age 15, hung herself after months of being cyber bullied. Teens at fault expelled and criminally charged. • Read a news article on the tragedy • Or Watch a news video • Megan Meier, age 13, hung herself because of cyber bullying. Someone was pretending to be a teenage boy who liked her and then bullied her. • Read her story

  9. ABC Family Addresses CyberBullying • ABC Family and Seventeen magazine have started a program called “Delete Digital Drama” to raise awareness and to end cyber bullying • Watch Youtube video of Behind the Scenes of Delete Digital Drama • • Go to to add the “delete” badge to your facebook or twitter account to support the cause and remind yourself and others to be nice online • New ABC original movie, Cyberbully premieres on July 17that 8pm on the ABC Family channel • Watch the informative preview of this movie •

  10. cYBer Bullying Knowledge Quiz • Question 1 • Question 2 • Question 3

  11. True or False: Texting mean things to others is not really a big deal because nobody ever gets physically hurt. TRUE FALSE

  12. Way to Go! That is the correct answer! • Click HERE to try another question

  13. Sorry! That answer is incorrect! • Click HERE to go back to the question to try a different answer. • Click HERE to review your bullying information

  14. Why do kids say they cyberbully? • Because it’s fun. • Because they are seeking revenge • Just to embarrass the person. • Just to be mean. • All of the above.

  15. WOOOHOOO!!!That one’s right! • Click HERE to try another question

  16. BUMMER! That answer is close…but there is a better one… • Click HEREto go back to the question to try a different answer • Click HEREto review your bullying information

  17. True or False About a third of people who are involved in cyber bullying have been a cyber bully and have been cyber bullied in the past TRUE FALSE

  18. AWESOME! That answer is correct! • Click HERE to try another question

  19. That one’s wrong…Try Again! • Click HEREto go back to the question to try a different answer • Click HEREto review your bullying information

  20. Educational Standards From the PDE standards for technology: 3.4.12.B1: Analyze ethical, social, economic, and cultural considerations as related to the development, selection, and use of technologies. From the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students: 5. Digital Citizenship   Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. Students:   a. advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology. b. exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity. c. demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning. d. exhibit leadership for digital citizenship.

  21. Credits • Standards: •|25394 • • Information: • • • • • • • • • • Images: • • • • • • •