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Helping Your Child Find Their Niche PowerPoint Presentation
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Helping Your Child Find Their Niche

Helping Your Child Find Their Niche

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Helping Your Child Find Their Niche

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  1. Helping Your Child Find Their Niche

  2. Questions You Might Have: • What activities are available at MRHS? • What events are popular at MRHS? • What do I do if I think my child is being bullied by other students? • What if my child is struggling to find his or her niche?

  3. Clubs and Sports at MRHS • Take a look at our Student Organizations Handout! • New Club- Oyster club • How do I start a new club?

  4. Popular Events at MRHS Hear from a student about key events at MRHS and her perspective on getting connected at Marriotts Ridge! Brooke Buehler, SGA President

  5. What is Bullying? Bullying is when a stronger, more powerful person hurts, frightens, or intimidates a smaller or weaker person deliberately and usually over time.

  6. Normal Conflict vs. Bullying

  7. Bullying Behaviors Direct • Hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, spitting, tripping, and/or choking • Taking or defacing property Indirect • Isolating an individual • Rejection or ignoring someone, leaving someone out • Manipulating others to get them to reject or ignore someone • Spreading rumors about someone

  8. Bullying Behaviors Harassment • Threats • Ethnic, racial, and religious taunting • Sexual harassment-directed toward a person’s sexual identity or behavior Cyberbullying • Sending nasty messages to an individual over instant messenger, Facebook, or other computer medium • Spreading rumors through cell phone messages-texting • Creating websites that target an individual

  9. Effects of Being Bullied • Lower self-esteem • Depression & anxiety • Illness • Absenteeism • Thoughts of suicide

  10. How is Bullying Handled at MRHS? • Report the incident to an adult. • A teacher, student, other staff member, or parent should fill out the “Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form” and submit it to their counselor or administrator. • Bullying forms are located in Student Services, Health Room, Media, and Front Office. • The administrator will investigate the incident and refer the student to the counselor or psychologist for counseling services. • MRHS Staff will ensure that the victim is receiving help and support from an adult in the building.

  11. Your Role as a Parent • If you are concerned about bullying, you have a right to fill out the green form • Monitor your child’s online activity and cyber-communication (texting, twitter, facebook, etc) • Talk to your children about the bully prevention events occurring at MRHS (Oyster Club, Mix It Up Day, anti-bullying pledge) • If you are ever unsure about a situation, contact Student Services to speak with your child’s counselor

  12. What MRHS Does to Help Students Become Acclimated • New Student Orientation • Mustang Mentors • Peer Mediators • Oyster Club • 9th Grade Team • NHS Student Tutoring

  13. What Are We Missing? What questions do you have?