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By Katy Sleight

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By Katy Sleight

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  1. Stop Racism! By Katy Sleight

  2. Show Racism the RED Card!!

  3. Contents • What is racism? • How would you feel? • What would you do? • If you saw someone being bullied what would you do? • Racism… • Racism! • Show racism the RED card!

  4. What is Racism? • Racism is a form of bullying, it is a crime. • People who do it are not born racist. They might see parents and friends say it, and they will think it is alright to say racist comments. • I don’t think it is fair, do you?

  5. How would you feel? • If you were getting called names because you are different, how would you feel? • I would feel upset and scared but I would be thinking ‘why are they doing this to me? There's nothing different between us…’

  6. What would you do? • If someone was bullying me, not just about how look, I would tell someone like my : Mum, Dad, Teachers, and Mrs Walkley. • I would also tell my friends how I felt and then they would talk me through it and cheer me up!

  7. If you saw someone being bullied what would you do? • If I saw someone being bullied I would definitely tell someone. • After it had happened I would talk to them and make them not worry and play with them once it had been sorted out. • I would also tell them that there is no difference between the bullies and them.

  8. Racism… Aman Dosanj ‘There was one occasion when I was playing football. I must have been about 13, my team mates heard people calling me ‘something paki.’ It didn’t bother me because I am comfortable with who I am. I am Asian, and I’m proud to be.’ Shola Amoebi ‘Campaigns like 'Show Racism the Red Card', make people aware of the fact that racism is wrong. People in those days thought it was right to be racist, they didn't know any different. If people see that their heroes are seeing it as wrong, they're going to want to listen to them because they're going to want to follow what their heroes are saying. In football, the racism was a major factor and we've seen the decline in racism in football and now the number of multicultural players in teams have gone up.’

  9. Racism! Shystie ‘Speak out about racism and tell somebody who you can trust, this way you won’t feel alone. This situation happens to a lot of people so you don’t need to feel like you can’t turn to someone for help.’ Andy Cole ‘No one should accept racist abuse. There's no place for racism at school, football or anywhere in society. It's up to all us to work together to stamp out racism. Show racism the red card.’

  10. Show Racism the RED Card! Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racist charity (registered charity no: 1079069) which was established in January 1996 with the aim of using Professional footballers as anti-racist role models. Although racism is on the decline in professional football, it is unfortunately on the increase in British and indeed European society. The aim of our campaign is to combat racism through anti-racist education and professional footballers are showing the way in terms of making a stand and fighting racism. The campaign has been able to involve hundreds of top footballers and managers, and has harnessed the high profile of these role models to combat racism.

  11. Thank you for watching! • Thank you for watching my Racism presentation. • I hope you will think about all the questions and if you do see something tell someone! • If you want to find out more go to

  12. Remember Show Racism the RED Card!!