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  1. Wii-Kipedias Shane Dignum Stella Gabrail Frederic Langlois Nick Hutcheon Danisha Punja

  2. INTRODUCING... • The Nintendo Wii • New concept in Gaming, sensor technology • Appealing to people of all ages! • Cost friendly • But... What about the gamers?

  3. Graphics Vs. Playability • Gaming graphics and playability at extraordinary level • Graphics- The Wii Vs. Other Consoles • Cheap does NOT mean inferior quality

  4. Interesting forms of playability... • More active forms of gaming (playing the Wii) could help lose weight, up to 12.25kg/year ! • Motion sensor-controlled consoles such as the Wii can make a positive impact on an individual’s heart-rate. • The Wii Fit, approved by the doctors association and provides a healthy lifestyle for individuals of all different ages. • It includes games that incorporate Aerobic Exercises, Yoga Poses, Muscle Conditioning and Balance Stability.

  5. Cross-Platform Games THE PRO’S • More and more games are crossing over from PS3 and Xbox 360, to the Wii • Many gamers welcome this, the simplified Wii versions of the traditionally difficult games can be played by almost anybody, regardless of gaming experience • The Wii’s unique method of controlling puts a twist on classic titles such as Final Fantasy and Resident Evil • With the low price tag of the Wii, more people can enjoy next generation gaming of their favorite titles.

  6. Cross Platform Gaming The Con’s • The graphics on the Wii are far inferior to it’s competitors, many of them looking only slightly better than their GameCube predecessors • “Porting”- when a game is designed on a platform and adapted to another has been difficult for the unique Wii, due to it’s unique controllers and weak engine • Seasoned gamers have no interest in simplified games

  7. Wii Optical Disc Drive (ODD) • The ODD reads the discs at maximum speeds of DVDX6 (6 times the normal speed of a DVD) • Unlike all other discs the Wii discs are read from the outer rim inwards • The Wii’s ODD can read three different types of discs • In 2007 an upgrade was introduced to allow the Wii to play DVD’s

  8. Three Different Discs • 8cm Gamecube disc with 1.5GB of storage • 12cm single layered Wii disc with 4.7GB of storage • 12cm double layered Wii disc with 8.51GB

  9. Problems With ODD • Disc read errors with the double layered disc • The errors can cause loud buzzing noise and scratches on the disc • Problems occur from exposure to dust or smoke • Nintendo has offered to clean the dust or smoke from the ODD for free

  10. “Who wants to play?” • Targets wider demographic • Everyone from children to seniors can easily play the Wii • Family friendly games • “Rated E for Everyone” • Unique features • Features like WiiNews, Photo Sharing and weather forecasts

  11. Wii Want to Play!