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Nintendo Wii PowerPoint Presentation
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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii

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  1. Nintendo Wii

  2. There are so many fun games to try The graphics are brilliant Most of the games are two player so you can play with a friend You can collect a range of objects Computer games Why are they enjoyable

  3. Guess the game

  4. Goals of the game is that You have to find all the objects that it sets you Find the locks so that you can play the mini- games But you only have a certain amount of time There are 25 levels

  5. Rules of the game is that You have beat the time to unlock all the mini-games An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious and remote private island. Seek & find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find a way off the island! Find over 2100 hidden objects in 25 interesting and mysterious locations to find inventory items that might help you escape the island! Solve five different types of puzzles to collect good items from each location that will be needed to help you escape your shipwrecked home. Play 3 different game modes: Escape the Island, Unlimited Seek & Find, and a Mystery Bonus Game.

  6. Challenges To find the objects and escape the shipwrecked island To solve all mini-games To find all the locks to unlock the mini-games

  7. difficulty It sometimes comes up with objects that you don’t even know and the proper names for them as well

  8. Rewards There is only points

  9. story You have to escape the shipwreck that the storm has left you

  10. feedback It tells you what you have collected when you have finished the mini-games

  11. Have you guessed it yet?