me and uncle romie l.
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Me and Uncle Romie

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Me and Uncle Romie - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Me and Uncle Romie. Mrs. Stortzum’s 3 rd Grade. How do you James felt after his birthday? . happy. What made Uncle Romie’s paintings special? In your own words. You may use your team to help with ideas. Why did James go to New York City?. Mother pregnant. A big meal. Feast.

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me and uncle romie

Me and Uncle Romie

Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd Grade

What made Uncle Romie’s paintings special?In your own words. You may use your team to help with ideas.
At the end of the story, why did James collect things, such as a feather, tiger lilies, and a train schedule?In your own words.
Uncle Romie included tall buildings, baseball tickets, and the label from the pepper jelly jar in his ______ for James.
  • painting

What did Uncle Romie include in the painting he made for James?In your own words. The team can help you. We are looking for at least 4 things.

what do the boys like to do on a sunny summer day
What do the boys like to do on a sunny summer day?
  • They like to watch for trains coming into town.
what was different about where aunt nanette and uncle romie live
What was different about where Aunt Nanette and Uncle Romie live?
  • They lived on a busy city street in an apartment five stories high.
“Uncle Romie’s voice was deep and loud, like thunder.” is a simile.Make up a different simile. Your team may help.