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Uncle Sam

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Uncle Sam

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  1. Uncle Sam Mrs. Tweedie 2010 Read Aloud: Statue of Liberty

  2. Uncle Sam Perhaps you’ve seen him in parades or a Fourth of July picnic. He sometimes appears at patriotic gatherings clad in a long blue coat, a vest, and red and white striped trousers.

  3. Uncle Sam He normally wears a beard and a tall striped and starred hat, and he appears to be dressed to look like the American flag. Who is he? He is “Uncle Sam,” a cartoon symbol for the United States of America.

  4. Uncle Sam There is much debate about who Uncle Sam was and how the symbol came to be. The first mention of him was in a Troy, New York, newspaper article that appeared on September 7, 1813.

  5. Uncle Sam It seems that a certain meat-processing plant owner named Sam Wilson began stamping the meat sold to the United States Army during the War of 1812 with the letters “U.S.”

  6. Uncle Sam The meat packers at his plant called Sam Wilson “Uncle Sam,” and the story was that the initials “U.S.” really stood for “Uncle Sam” Wilson rather than “United States.”

  7. Uncle Sam The nickname stuck, and from then on everything belonging to the United States government began to be called “Uncle Sam’s.”

  8. Uncle Sam Soon, cartoonists latched on to this idea, and they began drawing varieties of Uncle Sam in political cartoons.

  9. Uncle Sam The most famous depictions of Uncle Sam were on World War I and World War II military recruiting posters.

  10. Uncle Sam Today, no patriotic gathering would be complete without an appearance by someone dressed as Uncle Sam.