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Advanced PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced PowerPoint

Advanced PowerPoint

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Advanced PowerPoint

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  1. Advanced PowerPoint Adding Sound to a presentation Presented by David Stasch

  2. Spice up a PP presentation with sound and music • We will learn how to: • Add sounds and music to PP • Play a CD soundtrack throughout a PP presentation • Record Narration to PP

  3. How sound is used in PP • Record narration for self-running presentations • Short sounds for with any presentation • Continues music or soundtracks with self-running presentations

  4. Common sound formats .aif, aiff, aifc Audio Interchange File Format (aiff) developed by Apple, allowing for various sampling rates, sample size and number of channels. An .aifc file is an .aiff but compressed.

  5. Common sound formats .mid, .midi, .rmi, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (midi), primarily for musical instruments.

  6. Common sound formats mp3 Moving Picture Experts Group. Can achieve high rates of compression without a noticeable decrease in quality.

  7. Common sound formats .wav Windows WAVE format. Specifies an arbitrary sampling rate, number of channels, and sampling size. Has many compression formats

  8. Common sound formats .wma, wax, asf Windows Media Audio (wma) files provide quality comparable to a .mp3 at nearly half the file size.

  9. Inserting a Sound or Music File • Display the slide you want to add the sound or music to. • Choose insert/Movies and Sounds

  10. Inserting a Sound or Music File • Choose sound from clip organizer • Locate a file and click on insert • PP puts a sound icon on the slide

  11. Inserting a Sound or Music File • Sound can play automatically or when the sound icon is clicked on. • If sound plays automatically the sound icon can be dragged off of the slide/out of view

  12. Inserting a Sound or Music File • Sounds can also be found in clip art • Select Insert Picture • Select Clip Art • Search for sound in file types

  13. Inserting a Sound or Music File • Locate sound desired for PP • Add sound icon to the slide • A search was done for “clapping” • A sound was selected and added to this slide

  14. Sound Play Settings • Play settings can be adjusted • Sounds can play before or after animation • Sound can play automatically or when the mouse is clicked • The sound or music can stop during any number of slides • Sounds can be Looped • The sound icon can be hide before and after it plays

  15. Sound Play Settings • To set options select the Sound Icon • Choose slide show/custom animation • Click down arrow for the sound in the task pane and choose Effect Options to open the Play Sound box

  16. Sound Play Settings • Set the options in the Play Sound box • Click OK when the adjustments have been made

  17. GIVE IT A TRY • Use the check list and make a PP and add sound Good Luck