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Advanced PowerPoint Features

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Advanced PowerPoint Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced PowerPoint Features. Some general tips and techniques for those familiar with the basics of PowerPoint By Jacob Hill, Librarian, Elmhurst College. Fonts. All font changes can be made under the Format menu on the toolbar

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advanced powerpoint features

Advanced PowerPoint Features

Some general tips and techniques for those familiar with the basics of PowerPoint

By Jacob Hill, Librarian, Elmhurst College

  • All font changes can be made under the Format menu on the toolbar
  • You can italicize, underline, embolden or change types or sizes, plus change color using the colored “A” on the toolbar.
  • Font changes only affect the current slide.
adding text boxes
Adding Text Boxes
  • You can insert a text box anywhere you want text on a slide.
  • Click on Insert/ Text Box, then use your mouse to “draw” a text box by dragging your mouse across the slide.
  • Type in the text box (do this first, or you will lose the box when you click somewhere else).
pre made slide designs and colors
Pre-made Slide Designs and colors
  • Slide design refers to Design Templates (pre-made slide designs) and slide Color Schemes under Format/ Slide Design.
  • Use Design Templates to find a slide design you like from a list on the right panel.
  • Use Color Schemes to change the color combinations of various pre-made slides.
adding sounds
Adding Sounds
  • There are several ways to add sound.
    • To add sounds that will occur each time you advance a slide, go to Slide Show/ Slide Transition.
    • Under “Modify Transition,” select the drop-down menu under “Sound” and choose a pre-made sound.
background images and colors
Background Images and colors
  • To change the background color instead of adding a pre-made Design Template, go to Format/ Background.
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the pop-up menu to choose colors, or go to “Fill Effects” to add your own image as a background.
    • Background images: under “Fill Effects,” go to “Picture,” then “Select Picture” and add your image file. Apply to all Slides.
sounds continued
Sounds, continued
  • You can also add music files from your computer, or play from a CD.
    • To have a particular song file play in a slide, go to that slide, click on Insert/ Movies and Sounds, then choose the sound file you want on your computer, OR…
    • You can put a CD in the tray and choose “Play CD audio track” in the same menu to play from the CD.
sounds continued1
Sounds, continued
  • To have a song play over your entire presentation, go to the title slide, insert your sound file, then right click on the sound icon and choose “Custom Animation.”
  • In the Custom Animation screen, click on the sound file’s drop-down menu and choose “Effect Options.”
  • In the Effect Options pop-up window, under “Stop Playing,” click on “After” and choose the number of slides you want the song to play over.
running slides automatically
Running Slides Automatically
  • To have your slides run automatically, click on Slide Show/ Slide Transition
  • On the right-side panel under “Advance Slide,” click on “Automatically after…” and choose your time interval.
  • Then click “Apply to All Slides.”
running your presentation in a loop
Running your presentation in a loop
  • To make your presentation run continuously until you press Escape, go to Slide Show/ Set up Show.
  • Under “Show Options,” click on “Loop continuously until ‘Esc’.”
changing slide transition
Changing Slide Transition
  • Slide transition affects the way the slide appears on the screen.
  • Go to Slide Transition under the Slide Show menu. Pick a transition style to preview it.
  • Can apply to one or all slides
animation schemes
Animation Schemes
  • Affects the way bullet-pointed text appears on the screen.
    • If you don’t select an animation scheme for your PowerPoint, all bullet points will appear at once on a slide.
  • Go to Slide Show/ Animation Schemes.
  • Pick an animation scheme from the list for a preview, and apply it to all slides.