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Advanced PowerPoint

Advanced PowerPoint. Presented by the WESTOP Research and Technology Committee D. Matthew Benney Matt.benney@sonoma.edu Lydia Perez Lydia.perez@asu.edu Lee Fulmer Lee@productivemagic.org. Agenda. Slide Masters Hyperlinks Animation Multimedia Charts/Graphs. Masters. Slide Master.

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Advanced PowerPoint

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  1. Advanced PowerPoint

  2. Presented by the WESTOP Research and Technology Committee D. Matthew Benney Matt.benney@sonoma.edu Lydia Perez Lydia.perez@asu.edu Lee Fulmer Lee@productivemagic.org

  3. Agenda • Slide Masters • Hyperlinks • Animation • Multimedia • Charts/Graphs

  4. Masters Slide Master Handout Master

  5. Design Template Slide Master Object Level Slide Layers

  6. Slide Master • acts as a template • changes make global changes to your slide • controls font type, size and color, background color, and bullets • contains text placeholders as well as placeholders for date, time, and slide number

  7. Handout Master • add art, text, date and page numbers to your handouts

  8. Hyperlinks When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe. John Muir • McNair • SSS • Talent Search • Upward Bound • Equal Opportunity Centers

  9. Hyperlink to • a specific slide in your presentation • a slide in a different presentation • a word document • an excel spreadsheet • the internet • an email address

  10. Hyperlink from • text • Autoshapes • WordArt • tables • charts • pictures

  11. Action Buttons Action Settings WESTOP Two ways to hyperlink

  12. Action Buttons • ready-made buttons • commonly understood symbols • for playing sounds and showing movies • for flexibility, a self running presentation or one published on the internet

  13. Action Buttons

  14. Action Settings • Another presentation • Another file • WESTOP

  15. Animation Focus audience attention Important: need to know what you’re going to say and in what order!

  16. TRICK OR TREAT? "For a small fee, we'll give you the most comprehensive list of scholarships for which you are eligible from the largest database available" "6.6 billion in scholarship money went unclaimed last year" "Our database is unique" "You are guaranteed a minimum of $1000 in financial aid sources" "Everybody is eligible" "Awards are given on a first come, first served basis. Time is limited. Apply now!" "We compile our own database" "You must use our service to qualify for aid" "We have a 96% success rate"

  17. Aspects of Animation • how it appears • backwardsforwards • in what grouping it appears • whether it occurs automatically or after a pause • whether a sound plays during the animation • what happens after the animation

  18. Types of Graduate Funding • Assistantships • teaching • research • Fellowships • internal • external • Grants • Tuition Waivers • Work Study • Traineeships • Application Fee Waivers

  19. Chart Animation Caucasian Asian African American Latino Native American

  20. Multimedia • Graphics • Sounds • Music • Movie

  21. Enhancing Graphics WESTOP

  22. Music Options • choose whether to play it automatically or when you click the mouse button • stop it after any number of slides • loop • hide the icon before or after it plays • play before or after other animations on the slide

  23. Sounds and Music

  24. Movies

  25. Inserting Graphs

  26. Creating a Chart Resize the chart placeholder to the desired size Insert chart and enter data Choose a chart type Format the graph

  27. Resizing the Placeholder

  28. Creating a Chart

  29. Choosing a Chart Type • Key is understanding your data and the strength and weaknesses of each chart type • Ideal chart is one that presents the data most clearly

  30. Column • Most common • Good for showing data across time

  31. Bar • Visually impressive and easy to understand • Categories along X-axis and data along Y-Axis Professional Doctorate Masters Bachelors Associate Some college HS Diploma Some HS

  32. Line • Good at showing trends, however, not as visually impressive US Doctorate Recipients by race and ethnicity

  33. Pie Good at showing proportions

  34. Format Chart Elements • Each element of a chart has its own Format dialog box • Can change: • Axes • Data series • Chart area • Legend • Gridlines

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