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Practical training: Advanced PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Practical training: Advanced PowerPoint 2010

Practical training: Advanced PowerPoint 2010

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Practical training: Advanced PowerPoint 2010

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  1. Practical training: Advanced PowerPoint 2010 LAN 321 Rachel Shively

  2. Review: insert audio file • Practice inserting an audio file from the “Sample Music” folder. • On PC: Insert > Audio > Audio from File… > Libraries > Music > Sample Music > Music file

  3. Images • Find an image using Firefox and Google. • Save it to your computer. • Edit it at • Save to your Desktop (will save as a .jpg). • Recommended formats: .jpg, .gif, .png • Insert into the slide: Insert > Picture > Choose your picture

  4. Screen shots • Very useful for capturing images from your computer screen • In PC: • Press the Print Screen key. • Windows saves the image to the Clipboard. • Open Windows Paint and choose Edit/Paste. Paint may ask if you want the bitmap enlarged. If so, answer "yes." The screen shot will appear. Save and insert. • In Mac: • Hold down: ‘Command’ + ‘Shift’ + 4 • Cursor becomes a selection tool; select the part of the screen that you want and release the three keys. • Your image file will be saved on the desktop. You can then insert it into PowerPoint.

  5. Grouping and Arranging Ancient Greeks

  6. Animation • You can animate lines of text or bullet points. • Add some text on the chalkboard using Insert > Text Box. My name is Bart Simpson.

  7. More animation • You can animate images.

  8. More animation • Insert an image and animate it. Play around with the options.

  9. Slide transitions • You can make fancy transitions between slides: Transitions > select the transition type you want. • You can have your slideshow advance automatically with specific timings: Transitions > Advance Slide > Automatically after 00:00 (time). • Transitions and automatic advancement can apply to one slide or “Apply to All”.

  10. Insert hyperlinks • You can insert a hyperlink to a website. When clicked, PowerPoint will send you to the page on your web browser. • In theory, you can insert a hyperlink to a file on your computer (e.g., Word document, movie file, audio file). When clicked, PowerPoint will open that file. • You can insert a hyperlink on text or on an image. • Add the following hyperlink here and also to the picture of Bart below:

  11. Add an audio soundtrack • You can add an audio soundtrack to your PowerPoint presentation (must be .mp3). • Songs in iTunes are typically .m4a format (incompatible with PowerPoint). • You cannot convert .m4a to .mp3 in Audacity (unfortunately). • Solution: when you import songs from a CD into iTunes, you can choose to import them as MP3 files (or create MP3 version).

  12. Add an audio soundtrack • Insert > Audio > Audio from file… • Select an MP3 file and place it in the slide where you want the song to start playing. • Click on the speaker icon and go to Audio Tools > Playback > Start > “Play Across Slides” • You can have the song play with all slides or just during a certain number of slides. • You can hide the icon during slide show.

  13. Loop the slideshow • You have the option that once you play the slideshow, it will keep looping through the slides until you press ‘Esc’. • Slide Show > Set up Slide Show > “Loop continuously until Esc”

  14. Make a movie of your slideshow • In Mac, you can export your PowerPoint slideshow as a .mov movie to play in QuickTime or other media software. • Windows (.wmv format): File > Save as… > Windows Media Video • Animation and sounds (including soundtrack) will be maintained in the movie. • Example use: the PowerPoint movie can play at a learning station or be put on YouTube.

  15. Interactivity: PowerPoint 2007 and above • New option to have students type on the screen in PowerPoint during the slideshow.

  16. Action buttons • Link your slides with action buttons. • Home > Drawing > drop down menu in the shapes box > Action Buttons > choose a button type and draw it with cursor. • Action buttons are just graphics that are hyperlinked (to other slides or to a webpage). • Application of action buttons: games such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (templates on Blackboard)

  17. Invisible action buttons • Insert an image • Insert slides to link to • Insert action buttons on the image • Change properties of button to make invisible (i.e., right click on button and then “Format Shape”) • Do the action button for Marge and Bart (slides are there)

  18. Homer Simpson • Father • Married • Lazy

  19. Bart • Only son • Mischievous • Naughty

  20. Marge • Mother • Kind • Patient • Look for a button image on the web and set an action button to go back to the original slide we linked from.