the olympics n.
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The Olympics

The Olympics

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The Olympics

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  1. The Olympics By ShalyaKateff

  2. Norway Flag

  3. Jewish People in norway • Norway comprises the western part of Scandinavia in Northern Europe. • The Jewish people in Norway are one of the country's smallest cultural and religious groups in Norway. • Stunning and exciting views and landscape is found throughout Norway • Norway's population numbers are roughly 5 million. • Norway has two official languages .

  4. History of Jewish people in Norway • First word of Jews in Norway were those expelled from Portugal and Spain in 1492. • In 1892 there were enough Jews to form a synagogue inOslo. • 758 Norwegian Jews were murdered by the Nazisduring the Holocaust mostly in death camps, only 559 Jews remained in Norway in 1946.

  5. Synagogues in Norway

  6. Jewish Customs in norway There are no special customs. Like in other Shuls (orthodox) ladies sit upstairs. We have a kiddush after the service and different families host the kiddush every Shabbat. The community pays for that. Ladies don't need to wear hats. We have a Jewish nursery school with about 30 children. We have a Jewish aged home next to the Shul with about 20 flats. We have a rabbi and a cantor. We have a kosher shop that is about 20 sq. meters big! It is open twice a week for 3 hours in the late afternoons. Our meat is all imported and we buy it frozen. Shchita is not allowed in Norway. There are very few people here who keep kosher. We do. We cannot just go and buy things in the shops, we have a list that is called our "kosher list". We can't buy cheese for instance, as it is made with rennit (from pigs) so that is also imported. I go around the shops looking at the ingredients of the things I want to buy - if there is something that I don't usually buy. We can only buy bread from certain bakeries. We never ever go out eating as the restaurants are not kosher - when I go out with my friends, I usually have a salad of some sort. • Information on the customs was received from my Great Auntie Enid who lives in Norway.