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The Olympics

The Olympics

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The Olympics

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  1. The Olympics By Peter Clarke

  2. The First Olympics • In Ancient Greece in 776 BC, the first Olympics took place. This included wrestling, running and discus throwing. • Once it had kicked off, it was a really famous game, taking place every year for the next 120 years.

  3. The Modern Olympics • In the 1870s research began into games in Ancient Greece and they found out about the Olympic games in Olympia. • Soon the scientists wanted to recreate the games so in 1896 in Greece, the first modern Olympics was held. • After that, it took place every leap year from then on.

  4. Beijing 2008 • This year the Olympics was held in Beijing, China. one of Britain’s best successes was taekwondo with Aaron Cook being a great player in it. Sadly, he never made it to the finals and so did not have the chance of getting a medal at all. This disappointed us Brits and we did not like it one little bit. • However, Britain had a great success at other sports including swimming, track running and other stuff (I know STUFF isn’t a technical term, but it is the best word I can use to describe things (Ok, I don’t know any other events Britain was good in (I am such a durbrain!!!))) Oh, Britain came 3rd in the medal table, which is the best we’ve ever done so we have very puny little weaklings in our country!!!

  5. The 2012 Olympics How old are you? Are you very sporty? Will you be 16 or older in 2012? If so you may be in with a chance of going to the 2012 Olympics in London • (Oh by the way terms and conditions do apply.)

  6. Epilogue • So, there is a PowerPoint about the Olympics ( I hope you liked it) and so basically the message is that the Olympics are really cool! • BYE!!!!!!!