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Giving Platelets. By Shane Kelleher, Tommy Stein, and Daniel Coyle. What are platelets?. Platelets are tiny particles of blood that help form blood clots Blood clots are essential to humans to help prevent extreme blood loss

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Giving platelets

Giving Platelets

By Shane Kelleher, Tommy Stein, and Daniel Coyle.

What are platelets

What are platelets?

  • Platelets are tiny particles of blood that help form blood clots

  • Blood clots are essential to humans to help prevent extreme blood loss

  • Platelets are extremely fragile and have to be transfused within five days of collection

Who needs platelets and how often can we donate them
Who needs platelets and how often can we donate them?

  • Various types of patients benefit from the transfusing of platelets

  • Platelets help Cancer patients, leukemia patients, and other people with blood related diseases need these platelets

  • A single person can give platelets up to 24 times a year

Is it safe how do i become a donor
Is it safe? How do I become a donor?

  • Yes!! It is a very safe procedure

  • Each donation is closely monitored by at least one Red cross staff member

  • The latest technology is used to insure donor safety

  • The donation does not significantly lower ones platelet count and we quickly gain what is lost back

  • To become a donor all you have to do is call and make an appointment. After meeting the specific requirements your ready to donate!

  • The procedure takes about two hours or less and many lives are saved in the process

Who can donate platelets
Who can Donate Platelets?

  • Requirements are the same for donating both whole blood and platelets

  • In order to sufficiently donate platelets, one must meet the following requirements:

    • Good health

    • 17 or older

    • Weigh at least 110 pounds

Blood clotting
Blood Clotting

  • Clotting blood is the body’s normal response to a bleeding injury.

  • A clot must form at the injury sight in order to prevent excessive bleeding.

    • When an injury occurs, platelets change their shape, become sticky, and build up on a blood vessel wall to form a plug to stop the bleeding.

What It Is Like to Give Platelets?

  • The feeling of giving platelets is different for everyone

  • Most people feel nothing at all while giving platelets. You may feel a tingling sensation in your lips when your blood is returned. This is a side-effect of a tiny amount of anticoagulant being returned to you along with your blood.

Other details
Other Details

  • You donate platelets with 1 arm (same as blood) through a tiny needle that rests in 1 arm as a machine takes out your blood (1/4 cup at a time), spins it to separate the platelets, and gives the rest of your blood back to you. This draw/return cycle happens about 20 times and then you're done!

  • The machine you donate on is called a Trima. It has a screen on it that displays how long you have left to go in your donation and whether you are in "draw" (giving blood) or "return" (getting it back)

  • Once you have donated, your platelet count is determined. People with a high platelet count can usually finish a donation in under 1 hour. Your individual count will determine how long your donation will take

Your donation is vital before the need arises
Your Donation is Vital Before the Need Arises

  • Platelets must be tested in the lab (just like blood) This tunaround time means that they are needed protect the supply to our hospitals. FIREMEN give platelets very regularly because they know the need to supply the Burn Units. They know that if trouble jumps off...the platelet unit that saves the life of a friend will be the one that was donated THE DAY BEFORE THE INJURY...not the day that it happens.

  • Every donated unit of platelets is so in demand...Platelets are not type-specfic like blood. No matter what your blood type, your platelets can help someone of any other blood type.

American red cross donor centers in georgia
American Red Cross Donor Centers in Georgia

  • Alpharetta

  • Cobb

  • Duluth

  • Dunwoody/Sandy Springs

  • Midtown

  • South Metro

  • Albany

  • Athens

  • Columbus

  • Gainesville

  • Macon

  • Savannah

  • Valdosta