Counter reformation
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Counter-reformation. The Catholics Answer Back. Counter-reformation Guided Reading Answers. 1. What were three goals that Catholic leaders wanted to achieve with the Counter-reformation? 1 . Foster a more spiritual outlook 2 . Clarify the doctrines (what they believe) for their believers

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Counter reformation


The Catholics Answer Back

Counter reformation

Counter-reformation Guided Reading Answers

  • 1. What were three goals that Catholic leaders wanted to achieve with the Counter-reformation?

  • 1. Foster a more spiritual outlook

  • 2. Clarify the doctrines (what they believe) for their believers

  • 3. Aggressive campaign against Protestantism

Counter reformation

2. What three tactics were used to keep Catholics from becoming influenced by other religious beliefs?

  • Appointed devout and learned (scholars) men as bishops and cardinals

    2. Brought the Spanish Inquisition to Rome – involved cruel punishments for heretics (ie. Burning at the stake).- Served as a warning to Catholics.

    3. Established the Index of Forbidden Books – banned books; This

    lasted until the Second Vatican Council in 1966.

Counter reformation

4. What four reforms of the Catholic Church came out of the Council of Trent?

  • Banned the sale of indulgences

    2. Tightened the discipline of the clergy

    3. Emphasized the need for ceremonies – “God deserves to be worshipped with splendor.”

    4. God granted forgiveness ONLY through the church. – People must depend on the clergy.

5. Did the Counter-Reformation help define the Catholic faith for believers?

Counter reformation

6. List four results of the Counter-reformation Council of Trent?

1. Better educated priests

2. Ignatius Loyola organized the Jesuits into a group of Catholic monks promoting christianity, education and charity.

3. Education became important for everyone

4. Increased the power of national governments and decreased the power of the Pope.

7. How did Jesuits feel about education?

STRONGLY – University of Notre Dame, Loyola University, etc.

Council of trient triento italy
Council of Council of Trent?Trient (Triento, Italy)

Treaty of augsburg germany
Treaty of Augsburg, Council of Trent?germany

Council of constance germany
Council of Constance, Council of Trent?germany

Treaty of nantes france
Treaty of Council of Trent?nantes, france