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Music Magazines PowerPoint Presentation
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Music Magazines

Music Magazines

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Music Magazines

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  1. Music Magazines

  2. Single image, striking eye colour, staring straight down the camera Close up pic showing just her face Standard text, all words are capitals Quotes Picture off centre Celebratory sell line over the title gives a sticker effect Sell lines down the left hand side

  3. More sell lines at the top of the cover Picture over mast head Picture slightly off centre Badges giving extra sell lines Text big and bold, catches the eye more Main sell lines along the bottom The page is fairly ‘busy’ with text, slightly over the top

  4. Sell lines above image, bright vibrant colours catches the eye more Dave Grohl staring straight down the camera lens The picture is slightly off centre to allow for more room for sell lines ‘Sticker’ over the main image for advertisement White text with a black outline makes it stand out more Sell lines along the left because the picture is off centre Again the page is busy with text

  5. Bright colours such as yellow and green makes it more appealing The picture is in the centre so the sell lines are all around the edge Widening the audience by adding ‘harry potter’ Extra article added Using language such as WTF indicates a more younger target audience Sell line inside the ‘BANG!’ adding extra effect and making it stand out more

  6. The picture is centred however his head is leaning to the right leaving a gap on the left for sell lines As with most magazines the sell lines are mainly on the left, probably because we read from left to right Shadow effect on the picture makes it stand out more and entices people to buy the magazine more Adding a little humour

  7. Font style fits in with the genre of music Sticker over the mast head, gives extra information Font colours are bright and a complete contrast to the back ground colour Picture is centred, extra room around the edge for sell lines, looking straight down the camera “BBC” shows that the magazine is legitimate Extra pictures to break up text

  8. Thanks for watching