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Genre and Music Magazines PowerPoint Presentation
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Genre and Music Magazines

Genre and Music Magazines

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Genre and Music Magazines

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  1. Genre and Music Magazines - To consider the importance of targeting audience by genre - To understand the requirements for genre research

  2. Recap - genre conventions • What are the generic conventions of music magazines? • Front cover with featured artist • Tend to be genre specific • Interviews • Latest news • Reviews of albums, singles and live concerts • Contents page • Advertising specific to the genre

  3. Music Magazines and genre • Music magazines can be sub-divided in accordance with musical genres. • The music industry has always been keen to categorise music. Why? • Because genres help them specifically target a market. • Brainstorm: Name as many different musical genres as you can think of.

  4. Music genres and markets • A music genre has to be marketed to its target demographic. What media does the music industry use to do this? • Example: Jazz

  5. Genre Research • By now you should have some idea of the music genre that you wish to create your magazine for and have purchased a magazine in that genre. • No new publication would ever consider launching without some expertise on the genre and the marketplace into which they were competing • You must show evidence on your blog of research into the genre that you are going to be creating your magazine for.

  6. Genre Research TASK • Extensive research into the genre that your magazine is for • Create a PowerPoint presentation displaying your findings

  7. PowerPoint – 10 areas to consider… • Define and categorise the genre – what distinguishes it? • History of the genre, from its inception (beginning) • Key artists in the development of the genre / at the moment (e.g. Who has the biggest profile? How do you know?) • Audience / fans – who are they? Demographics/Psychographics? • Sub-genres of the genre. • Public perception of the genre - is it a popular genre with mainstream appeal or more niche? • Record labels / key industry figures? • Competition – what are the other magazines covering the genre? What is their ABC circulation? What is their NRS readership? How often do they come out? What sort of features do they contain? How much do they cost? Are they mostly subscribed to or bought off the shelf (loyal vs. occasional readers) • Cross media – what other media covers that genre? TV stations / shows? Radio stations / shows? Websites? Newspapers? Films? Events? • Predictions for the future? How might the genre develop? What direction does it appear to be heading in (e.g. consider its demographic – is it getting older or younger?)?

  8. Uploaded before next lesson. • Analysis of front cover • Genre research PowerPoint