Audience profiles for various music magazines
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Audience profiles for various music magazines. . By Sophie Lacey. Kerrang!.

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‘Kerrang!’ is aimed at both girls and boys, with a slightly higher percentage of boys reading the magazine. Over half of the readers of ‘Kerrang!’ are between the agers of 15 and 24 but with the median age being 25. The music genre of ‘Kerrang!’ is rock/metal music and sometimes Indie, this allows a wide target audience and could be the reason that ‘Kerrang!’ reaches more young readers than any other music magazine.

Audience profiles for various music magazines

Over half of ‘Q’s’ readers are male at 68.3% and only 31.7% of readers are female. The target audience is a lot higher than ‘Kerrang!’ as the age range percentage is highest at 15-24 but is also very high in the 25-34, with the median age being 32. The music genre for ‘Q’ is Indie and alternative, this is popular with younger generation in the UK at the moment so it could be why they are a very popular magazine.

Audience profiles for various music magazines

The main target audience for ‘Mojo’ is man as 73.1% of men read the magazine however 26.9% of women do still read the magazine. The age range percentage is spread out between 15 to 45 year olds, but with 28.8% of readers being between 45 to 54. The median age of the readers are 43. ‘Mojo’ cover a wide range of music genres but mainly specialise in British music from around the 70’s.

Audience profiles for various music magazines

The target audience for ‘NME’ is men aged between 17-30. This is true as 63% of men read the magazine and the median age is 25. The music genre for ‘NME’ covers a wide range of genres in order for them to attract the most readers, they feature indie/alternative, rock but also pop music genres. The magazines feature things like reviews which can introduce readers to new bands and influence the genres they listen too.


‘Uncut’ magazine is aimed at older men, with 87% of readers being male and the average age of 37. The majority of readers are also living with partners or married and are working in full time employment. This gives the magazine a sense of maturity and is reflected in the music genres they shows for instance Rock, Classic Indie and Americana.