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Gospel Magazines:

Gospel Magazines:. Gospel Today magazine. Ebony magazine. -Image magazine. Magazine Covers annotations . 1.Front Cover Annotations: . -The masthead of the magazine reads “hope”; the word alone

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Gospel Magazines:

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  1. Gospel Magazines: Gospel Today magazine Ebony magazine -Image magazine Magazine Covers annotations

  2. 1.Front Cover Annotations: -The masthead of the magazine reads “hope”; the word alone connotes what I wanted by someone and the masthead being that suggest that what you hope for is near and that its okay to hope as we all hope. The font of the word ‘hope’ is simple and adds an elegancy to the magazine. The masthead alone sets a positive tone for the magazine. The colour of the masthead is yellow; yellow connotes happiness and brightness which links with the word ‘hope’ as hope brings happiness and a bright light so therefore the audience read it they will feel positive. Because it is a gospel magazine and in Christianity it is encouraged to have hope and faith, so the masthead will encourage the target audience and therefore be drawn to the magazine. -The strapline reads “expect the best”, the connotation of the strapline is Consistent as it connotes positivity and it sets up the mood of the magazine as believers will be attracted to expecting the best with God. The strapline is in a white colour that contrast with the dark background colour and makes It stand out. The font that the strapline is in is a simple and straight to the point, the simplicity runs through the front cover which makes the magazine elegant. -The main image of the Magazine is of a black afro- Caribbean lady placed at the Right side of the magazine, which makes the audience’s eyes immediately look first at the main imageas we scan the page. Below the masthead It says “for women” so therefore having a confident black woman on the front cover links to the theme of the magazine. The female is giving the audience direct contact which makes the audience feel more involved with the magazine and draws them in. The woman in the main image is a known actress that is recognisable within black afro- Caribbean society and therefore will want to purchase the magazine. The Headline reads ‘Tasha Smith on faith, fame and forgiveness’ The name of the actress in in big bold writing as she is well known actress this will be the first thing to attract the audience and the simple font links to the theme of the magazine and sticks to the elegancy of the magazine. As the article is about a female and the magazine is aimed at females it s a story that will therefore grab

  3. 2.Front Cover Annotations: -The strapline of the magazine is of the website of the magazine ‘www.GOSPELTODAY.COM’ this shows that the magazine converges with a website. -The masthead of the magazine reads ‘Gospel Today’ this immediately shows the audience the genre of the magazine; Gospel. Gospel Today suggest that the magazine content is new and up to date. The colour of the masthead is white which makes it stand out from the brown background and as it’s a gospel magazine white connotes purity and cleanliness which links with Christ and there will attract the audience. -The main imageis of a male sitting down invitingly on a chair, the fact that he has a big smile on his face makes the main image inviting to the audience. The male is a black African American ethnicity, this is similar race to most of the people that feature in the magazine, which hints the target audience for the magazine. The male is giving direct contact to the audience, this also adds to the magazine being inviting and makes the audience feel as if they are personally being targeted at and therefore will attract the audience . -The sub-headlines/articles of the magazine are to do with gospel artists “Mary Mary’s New reality Show” and religious content “Is Discipleship a Lost Art. This carries on with theme Of the magazine. The sub-headlines are places at the sides of the magazine, this is a pattern 3 headlines at each side. This makes the structure of the magazine easy to read and understand. -The main headlinereads ‘Dr. R.A Vernon: Transforming a City. It mentions a specific name of the male in the main image who is a successful doctor and high in status which was done purposefully that he is the focaliser of the headline and main image as it will attract its target audience. The Target audience can feel narcissistic towards Dr. R.A. Vernon, meaning wanting to be like him. So therefore the audience will want to purchase the magazine. -The Target audience of Gospel Today magazine ranges from 18-65years old African Americans.

  4. -The masthead reads ‘music ‘ it is a simple name for that it is a music magazine its short and sweet and straight to the point. When the audience see it they will know it’s a music magazine straight away. The masthead is in a musical fun simple font. And the simplicity of it adds to the elegancy of the magazine. And as it’s a classical magazine it links well with the theme of the magazine. The masthead is hidden behind some of the main image, this is done because the word ‘music’ is recognisable and the main image is more important in this case as it’s a musician ‘Sarah Chang’. The colour of the masthead is a dark red colour that connotes elegancy and is the main colour that is used in the front cover as it’ll make the writing standout and therefore attract the audience. 3.Front Cover Annotations: -The Strapline reads ‘THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLING CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE’ this ensures the audience that the magazine is of good quality as its bestselling. From the strapline we also learn that the magazine is a classical magazine so then we expect the elegancy to be evident throughout the magazine. -The main image is of a female classical musician Sarah Chang’ she is dominating the front cover. The fact that she is holding a violin, a classical musical instrument which links with the theme of the magazine. The female is giving the audience direct contact with attracts the audience. Sarah Chang is a successful and talented woman in classical high culture music it’ll make some of the target audience feel narcissistic towards her and want to be successful just like her therefore make them want to read the magazine. -The target audience of music magazine will be those that indulge in high culture and listen to classical musical and age raging from 20-60 both genders. -The headline reads ‘Sarah Chang, the insane challenges of playing..’ the musicians name is in bigger bolder writing and stands out more than the rest of the writing. This is done to emphasis the musician as she has high status in the classical music world and is recognised so therefore the audience will want to purchase the magazine.

  5. 4 Front Cover Annotations: -The subheadings/articles are about ‘Real Women’: this attracts to audience as it’s a difference from how skinny models are normal shown and how to ‘loose weight’ side stories are advertised. This makes the readers and encourages them to know that you can be beautiful with curves. The plus sign shows what's extra in the magazine, draws the reader in to see what else they can find in the magazine. -The masthead reads; VOGUE’ That is the name of the magazine., it is in a bold black font which is simple yet makes a big statement as it’s a well known brand. The G’ is covered by main image, as it a popular magazine and been around for a long time the makers of the magazines know that people know the brand name, so they can afford to not show the full name. The masthead is in bold black writing, as its for more sophisticated higher class women. -The main image is of a well known woman: Beyoncé, she is a sophisticated woman who has a lot of morals which links to the target audience as its more of higher cultural people and they would get attracted to her rather than some teen girl. In the image, Beyoncé is giving the audience direct contact, drawing them in, making them wan to buy the magazine. “Weight Obsession…” This encourages real figures and discourages people from being underweight. VOGUE Is probably one of the few magazines that will support real women and know that not everyone can be stick skinny. -The Target audience of VOGUE Magazine will be working class women who generally have more money, are of higher culture, because of the prize of the magazine and what's in the content of the magazine.

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