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Magazines. Sean Meagher. Magazines. 2014 Onwards. 2013 Review. Aviation World. Aeromilitaria. Archive. News. e -ABN. Aviation World. Aeromilitaria. Archive. News. 1972. 1975. 1980. 1949. e-ABN?. A new magazine for 2014 and beyond. What is e-ABN?.

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  1. Magazines Sean Meagher

  2. Magazines 2014 Onwards 2013 Review Aviation World Aeromilitaria Archive News e-ABN Aviation World Aeromilitaria Archive News 1972 1975 1980 1949

  3. e-ABN? A new magazine for 2014 and beyond

  4. What is e-ABN? e-ABN is a new Tablet version of Air-Britain News available from January 2014. Membership subscription only available online In the near future we will be releasing two Tablet App’s. The App’s are designed to work on iPads, and Windows 8 Laptops/PCs and Tablets A sample copy will be available free for download from the Apple iStore, and Windows App Store. Simply search for Air-Britain in the store There are no plans to discontinue the printed ABN

  5. Why should I choose e-ABN? Be amongst the first to receive your ABN every month – typically e-ABN will arrive 8-10 days before the printed version in the UK. No lost copies or postal delays Whilst away from home you can download e-ABN to your iPad/Tablet/Laptop anywhere in the world, all you need is WiFi Once a copy has been purchased, it can be re-downloaded as often as required to the same device. You won’t lose access to your copy if you delete it

  6. Are there other benefits? Full colour throughout Additional colour pictures Search facility across the whole magazine Text size can be expanded to allow for easier reading

  7. So how much will it cost me? Membership rates for UK members are the exactly same as for those members who chose to take a printed ABN. Unfortunately any printing & postage savings are offset by technology costs & VAT on electronic magazines Rates are also available for subscriptions which include both e-ABN and the printed copy Individual copies will be available to purchase, however being a member gives a discount of up to 35% on the individual price

  8. What about non-UK members? Overseas subscribers will benefit from e-ABN arriving on the same day as UK subscribers Savings available on international postage supplements

  9. Finally

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