cinematography framing n.
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Cinematography: Framing

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Cinematography: Framing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cinematography: Framing. Angle, Level, Height and Distance of Framing. Infinite number of Angles 3 Typical: High, Low, Straight On. Straight On. Low Angle. High Angle. Level and Height. Camera Parallel to Horizon, but can tilt

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angle level height and distance of framing
Angle, Level, Height and Distance of Framing
  • Infinite number of Angles
  • 3 Typical: High, Low, Straight On

Straight On

Low Angle

High Angle

level and height
Level and Height
  • Camera Parallel to Horizon, but can tilt
  • Can be stationed at a certain height according to settings/figures
  • No universal cut off to say what is what when it comes to any of these categories
distances close ups
Distances: Close Ups

Close Up

Extreme Close Up

distances medium shots
Distances: Medium Shots

Medium Close Up

Medium Long Shot

Medium Shot

distances long shot
Distances: Long Shot

Long Shot

Extreme Long Shot

functions of framing
Functions of Framing
  • Nothing is formulaic about framing
  • Can mean something in one film and absolutely NOTHING in another
  • Need to look for FUNCTION and CONTEXT of film as a whole
  • Subjectivity, Narrative Importance, motifs, etc.
  • Visual interest in differentiation
the mobile frame
The Mobile Frame
  • Possible for the frame to move with respect to framed material
  • Changes angle, level, height, or distance, DURING the shot
types of mobile framing
Types of Mobile Framing
  • Pan- rotates on vertical axis
  • Tilt- rotates on horizontal axis
  • Tracking/dolly- camera as a whole changes position, traveling in any direction along the ground
  • crane-camera moves above ground level  rises or descends
  • Handheld- not smooth, bumpy, jiggly “life like”
  • Steadicam- Body worn camera; smoothly follow actors stairs, walking, vehichles
  • ANY kind of camera movement can be considered
  • Why move the frame?!
functions of mobile frame
Functions of Mobile Frame
  • 1. Mobile frame and Space

- How does it work in Space? How can it contribute to narrative? Space?

  • 2. Mobile Frame and Time
  • Rhythm? Suspense? Pacing?
  • 3. Patterns of Mobile Framing
  • Motifs? Psycho