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Timber Framing

Timber Framing. Until the 17 th century England was blessed with an abundant supply of oak , which was the most common material used for timber framing .

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Timber Framing

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  1. TimberFraming Untilthe 17thcentury England was blessedwith an abundant supplyofoak, which was themostcommon material usedfortimberframing. Unlike modern framedbuildingswherethewallsareinstalled outside andinsidetheframe, in half timberedbuildingsthewallsarefilled in betweenthestructuraltimbers.

  2. Oakishard an durable which in partexplainswhy so manymedievalbuildings half timberedbuildingshavesurvived

  3. Timberframedhousesareessentialybigboxes,“withupperboxes“ (stories) set upon lowerones. Oftentheupperfloorsproject out overthelowerones.

  4. BytheJacobeanperiodwoodfortimberframing was in shortsupply in England. Fortoomanyyearswoodhadbeenusedforbuilding, heating, andformakingcharcoal. Also, thegreatexpansionofthe British merchantfleet after themedievalperiodusedup large quantitiesofwood. Usesofwood

  5. Slopingandslantingfloorsweseetoday in half-timberedbuildingsaretheresultofnaturalwarpingofthewoodasitaged.

  6. HISTORY AND TRADITION Half-timberedconstruction in theNortern European vernacularbuilding style ischaratteristicofmediavalandearly modern England, Germany andpartsof France, in localitieswheretimber was in goodsupplyandbuildingstoneandtheskillstoworkitwere in shortsupply.

  7. S.I.Ps Recentlyithasbecomecommontosurroundthetimberstructureentirely in manufacturedpanels, such as S.I.Ps (StructuralInsulating Panels). Thismethodcanonlyofenclosuremeansthatthetimberscanonlybeseenfrominsidethebuilding, but hasthebenefitsofbeeinglesscomplextobuildandofferingmoreefficentheatinsulation. SIPs are a sandwichcontructionoftwo rigid compositeofmaterialsusuallywoodwith a foamedinsulating material in between.

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