What do i do after reading
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What do I do after Reading?. (How to “Make the Team”). Take Notes on Important Information. Setting-includes place names Characters’ Description-family-relationships Ages of main characters Plot Action Title meaning Author’s Name. Important Information-Example.

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What do i do after reading

What do I do after Reading?

(How to “Make the Team”)

Take notes on important information
Take Notes on Important Information

  • Setting-includes place names

  • Characters’ Description-family-relationships

  • Ages of main characters

  • Plot Action

  • Title meaning

  • Author’s Name

Important information example
Important Information-Example

  • Characters of Black Hole Sun:Bishop Lyme: First leader of the Orthocracy. In the middle of the Hell’s Cross Courtyard stands a statue of Bishop Lyme.Bramimonde Clan: One of the richest and most powerful families in the old OrthocracyDurango: Born Jacob Stringfellow, Durango’s father has taken steps to help his son become “the lord and sovereign” of Mars. Durango’s biological mother, a PhD in molecular biology and an Olympic swimmer, was chosen for her intelligence and physical prowess. The finest available surrogate was selected. His education was demanding and he was provided flawless battle school training.Fuse: Member of Durango’s davos and good with machines and demolition.Jean-Paul: Dame Bramimonde’s son and Ockman’s acolyte. Rescued from Postule by Durango.

Writing questions
Writing Questions

  • Begin each question with "In the book, (Title of book)". Include the answer and the page number of the answer. For example:

  • Question: In the book, Graceling, what color are Katsa's eyes?

  • Answer: one blue, one green, p. 10

Writing questions1
Writing Questions

  • Use a consistent format for each page.

  • Keep the same font and size.

  • Your questions should be black, but change the font of the answer to white so people can use the questions to quiz themselves. This will allow you to see the answer by highlighting the text afterwards.

Good questions
“Good” Questions…

  • Have an answer that does not change.

  • Are over the important information in the book.

  • Cannot be answered with a yes or no.

  • Specify when it is referring to in the novel.

  • Have short answers.