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“Social Media and social movements: facebook and an online Guatemalan justice movement that moved offline” By: Summer Harlow. Presentation by: Lluvia Gamez. Public Sphere +. Agenda Setting +. Guard-dog Theory. Rodrigo Rosenberg. Guatemala.

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“Social Media and social movements: facebook and an online Guatemalan justice movement that moved offline”By: Summer Harlow

Presentation by: LluviaGamez


Public Sphere +

Agenda Setting +

Guard-dog Theory

rodrigo rosenberg
Rodrigo Rosenberg

  • 96% of crimes go unpunished;
  • 56% of the population lives in poverty;
  • About 27% of those aged 15 and older are illiterate;
  • Only 1.64% of the population regularly used Facebook, as of August 2009.
  • Why and how did it go from online to online?
  • -Social factors
  • -Took advantage of interactive methods provided on Facebook (links to video, photos and texts)
  • -“ As a democratic forum for otherwise oppressed voices, [Facebook] has afforded individuals who are victim to repressive state and federal authorities the opportunity to broadcast their strife and turmoil for the world to see”-Antony & Thomas (2010, p. 1281)



  • Look up:
  • Alexandra Wallace’s anti-Asian rant at UCLA (
  • The shooting of Manuel Diaz in Anaheim, California (
questions to keep in mind
Questions to keep in mind:
  • Does this incident follow Donahue’s guard-dog theory? Why? Why not? (Try to make a connection with the Agenda-Setting theory, if possible).
  • Do these incidents support Thomas and Antony’s concept that YouTube[ and Facebook] is a place for those who are oppressed to express their hardship? Or do you think it is just another forum, which can be manipulated by the powerful and wealthy, to make those oppressed feel as if they have a voice?
  • Can YouTube and Facebook be used as a way to control, instead of providing freedom?
  • How did the incident make you feel in general?
  • Do you think the reaction from the public was justified? Why? Why not?
sandor vegh classification of online activism
SandorVegh classification of online activism
  • Includes:
  • Awareness/advocacy;
  • Organization/mobilization
  • Internet facilitates organization and mobilization by three means:
  • Calling for offline action via email or a website;
  • Calling for online action for something typically done offline, such as sending emails ton Congress members instead of letters;
  • Calling for online actions that is possibly only via the internet, such as a computer spam campaign.