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  2. Presentation On Business Plan On Safe Rice Bran Oil

  3. Submitted To: Arafater Rahman Bhuiyan Assistant Professor & Chairman, Department of Management, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)

  4. Presented By Believe Thyself

  5. Introduction

  6. Objectives Broad Objectives To analyze and made a business plan of Safe rice bran oil its future market situation and financial position. Specific Objectives Care a great deal about the health concern of our consumers. This is what enables us to maintain the highest quality of hygiene and health standards while marketing our products, in order to meet the common goal -Excellence! To find out future market situation of Safe rice bran oil To know future financial position.

  7. Limitation: Lack of time for conducting a large scale analysis. Lack of Records:Sufficient books, publications, facts and figures are not available. These constraints narrowed the scope of accurate analysis. Due to lack of principle experiences. Lack of previous experience business plan writing.

  8. Company Profile

  9. At a Glance • Name : Safe Rice Bran Oil mill • Year of establishment : 2012, Sherpur, Bagura • Types of busines : partnership • Founder : AliImam, Shariful Islam, Nasrin Sultana, Md.Zuel,Kamrul Islam • Headquarters : Mirpur-2 ChiriakhanaRoad • Total Capital : 400 crore • Product : Rice bran oil • Number Of employee : 4oo • Total Land : 40 Biga • Net income : 55, 00, 00,000 • Contract Phone : 01719905585, 01681247584, +88028032710 • Website :

  10. Vision We view business as a means to the material and social wellbeing of the investors, employees and the society at large, leading to accretion of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of the human civilization. Mission Our Mission is to produce and provide quality & innovative healthcare relief for people, maintain stringently ethical standard in business operation also ensuring benefit to the the society at large. Objective Our objectives are to conduct transparent business operation based on market mechanism within the legal & social frame work with aims to attain the mission reflected by our vision.

  11. Organogram

  12. Analysis of competitors • Our the main competitors of our business are Spondon rice bran Oil mill and Rashid rice bran Oil mill. It is pleasure for us that they use traditional business plan to produce the product and deliver the product. But they have also some strength side also that are, they are doing business for a long time so they have large number of regular customer, so it will be more time to take the market favorable to us.

  13. Industry forecast

  14. industry setup plan

  15. Start-up Summary

  16. Company Locations and Facilities • Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill will open its factory at Sherpur bagura bagladesh because this place has nice transportation system, low land cost and most importantly availability of raw material. We also open a corporate office at mirpur-2 chiriakhana road to maintain communication of our buyers. • Visible from roadway. • Availability of raw material • Low cost employees • Govt. Subsidies • Transportation facility

  17. products

  18. Products “Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill” provides its customers the different size of Safe Rice Bran Oil that main raw materials are rice bran (husk). In addition, “Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill” will also propose Poultry feed and soap. • Our products will • 500ml bottle • 1 litr bottle • 2 litr bottle • 5 litr bottle • 10 litr bottle • 16 kg container.

  19. Product Description • Safe Rice bran is an underused co product of rice milling. The value is partially captured through extraction and refining of the rice bran oil. The capital costs have limited. However, rice bran Oil has performance properties competitive to other widely used oils. An additional Advantage of rice bran oil is certainly its nutritional benefits, which include a balance of fatty acids meeting AHA recommendations. Rice oil contains a mixture ofantioxidants and promotes cholesterol reduction beyond that of more unsaturated oils. It has also contains vitamin A, D, E and omega 3 that reduces the bad cholesterol in blood and increases the good cholesterol that help to our heart diseases. Its taste and performance is complementary to salad, cooking, and frying and household daily cooking. Our main raw material is rice bran abut we also use phosphoric acid, Citric acid, blicing earth, caustic soda, common salt etc to develop our product.

  20. Machinery and equipment: There are many used machine to my business. Such as • Computer • Rice Bran • Spender • Extractor • Hexing • Elevator • DT (Dalding toaster) • Heater

  21. Production Procedure • Our product goes into the three different sectors • Auto rice mill • Solvent • Refiner

  22. After collecting the rice bran this goes into the solvent to refiner, this procedure

  23. Names of suppliers of raw materials: The names of the suppliers of Safe rice bran oil. • Local agency. • Whole country • Imports • Employee Operational plan: • Production department. • Financial department • Marketing department. • HRM department etc. • Research & development

  24. Flow of orders for goods Company Wholesalers Retailers Customers

  25. marketing plan

  26. Pricing

  27. Promotion • Media TV, FM Radio. • Newspaper. • Visiting card. • Leafleted. • Facebook etc. • Market campaign Future Products As seasons change, Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill will be offering products that will enhance sales and satisfy its customers' desires. During 1year later Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill will proposed poultry feed, and laundry soap.

  28. Market Segmentation • Market segmentation is one of the steps that go into defining and targeting specific markets. It is the process of dividing a market into a distinct group of buyer’s that requires different products or marketing mixes. Opportunities in marketing increase when segmented groups of clients and customers with varying needs and wants are recognized.  We segment our customer different classes on the basis to their level of income. We offer our customer different size of rice bran oil likes 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml, 10000ml bottle and also 16 kg container. Markets can be segmented or targeted using variety of factor.

  29. Target Market Segment Strategy • After segmentation marketer concentrate on targeting. This is the second step of marketing strategy, where marketers select a specific segment. Target customer: • Housewives • Cookers for hotel and restaurant • Cookers of special program like marriage ceremony occasions

  30. financial plan

  31. Break-even Analysis • Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill calculated the fixed costs to be Tk. 300crore ; average variable cost per unit is Tk. 34.67. Safe Rice Bran Oil Mill concludes that we will need at least about 28481914 units per year with average pricing Tk. 140 per unit to reach break-even at Tk.3987467958 per year.

  32. Pro-forma Income Statement in 2012

  33. Pro-forma Income statement of 2013

  34. Pro-forma Income statement of 2014

  35. Pro-forma Balance Sheet Of 2012

  36. Pro- Forma Balance Sheet Of 2013

  37. Pro- Forma Balance Sheet Of 2014

  38. SWOT analysis

  39. Strengths • Pure+ healthy product(especially for heart) • Pure + fresh Product. • Good Relationship with internal and external employees, customer and supplier • Availability of raw material Weakness • Need more internal and external supporter. • Lack of financial support • Facing strong competition in the market. • Our quality of bottles is not good enough. They can break so easily. We know it, but we are avoiding it to avoid higher cost.

  40. Opportunities • Changing consumer preferences. • Design product by addressing the need and demand of target market • Increasing rate of population • Potential of relatively low operating costs and enjoy economies of scale • Develop expertise to assess risks. • New machine from foreign country Threads • Entrants the new competitor. • Continuous price reanalysis due to strong competition. • Unfavorable government rules and regulation regarding business. • Bangladesh is economically unstable country. Flood, draught, cyclone and newly added terrorism have become an identity of our country. So revenue earnings trend fluctuate huge.

  41. Major Findings, Recommendation & Conclusion

  42. Major Findings New update technology come into the market that the main thread in our business. We need daily 400 metric ton rice bran that is not available in local market, so we need to imports rice bran in another country. We are facing strong competition in our business because there are many rice bran oil farm existing in market and they have also existing customer. We are new in this business so lack of managerial knowledge. We are investing 400 crore capital in our business this is hardly collect to all capital. Bank don’t want give loan in new entrants. Govt. didn’t give enough support to establish a new venture. Lengthy administrative procedure in govt. different department.

  43. Recommendation Capture potential and existing customer by giving some benefits that the customer will interest to buy the product. Make good relationship with customer and supplier Doing good relationship with bank or other financial institution that it is very easy to collect loan. Training facility should be provided by employer and employee that make them efficient. Adjust the update technology. Analyze the customer because their choice change everyday and we also adjust this change. Govt. should give more conscious about new industry set up in country and giving facility to influence new entrepreneur. Reduce the time in govt. administrative work.

  44. Conclusion • As the student of business school it is compulsory to work in the practical field. To work in the practical field we have to acquire the proper knowledge about actual market scenario. Through this “Business Plan” we have learned a lot of things that are very much essential to build up our carrier. If we can implement this “Business plan” in current market then we hope we can be able to gain our desirable target. This “Business Plan” will help us to start a business successfully. Last of all we would like to say that this “Business Plan” is very much essential & effective for us.