why are so many indians n.
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The above title might be confusing. As it is a statement of perception! How do you visualize the future of India?

  • How did you visualize the past? What is your contribution for the present?
  • I am cent percent sure that no one has a perfect, measurable answer for the above questions. But we unanimously are proud to be an Indian.
  • I wonder, how can a clueless citizen be proud of himself? There is no value add for the society from him.
  • Stricken by greed deceives a person from his ethical and moral behavior. Absurd, it is.

This article will bring enlightenment towards your soul. It will highlight the ethical and moral practice to be followed.

  • It will help you distinguish between your Needs and Wants. It will cater the needs of the society. It will surely honor you with a guaranteed peace of mind.
  • This will also help you to build credibility and trust.
  • In the presence of trust and credibility reliability is an uninvited guest. You will start to be loyal for yourself.
  • Retention of lost ideology will show its occurrences. This is not all; you may find yourself to be strong both physically as well as mentally.

Enough of serious talks, the following section of this article will surely blow out your mind and heart.

  • I request you not to abuse me. Lol. All I was talking about is relief from stress. You are doing injustice for you and the society as well.
  • The creator has made everything interlinked. Your happiness will generate positive vibes and distribute them for others. And this can happen vice versa too.
  • It is inhuman to punish over selves and the creatures around us. So let us now take an oath to make this space a better place to live in.

Let me introduce you all a best way to ooze out our stress.

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