california indians a to z l.
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California Indians A-to-Z PowerPoint Presentation
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California Indians A-to-Z

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California Indians A-to-Z - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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California Indians A-to-Z. Mrs. Burke’s Class. Artifact. An object that was used by people in past. P.12 Examples of California Indian artifacts are: Baskets Tools Blankets Clothes By: Abby Adams. Barter. To trade without using money. p.110

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california indians a to z

California Indians A-to-Z

Mrs. Burke’s Class

  • An object that was used by people in past. P.12
  • Examples of California Indian artifacts are:
    • Baskets
    • Tools
    • Blankets
    • Clothes

By: Abby Adams

  • To trade without using money. p.110
  • California Indians used beads, rocks, food, and tools to trade for other goods

By: Bobby Burns

  • A group of people chosen to make laws. p.278
  • Each tribe had a council to make the laws for their group. They were usually the elders of the tribe who knew the most.
  • Sometimes tribe councils meet with other tribal councils.

By: Casey Case

  • A place with a hot, dry climate. p.66
  • Many California Indian tribes lived in the desert.
  • They had to adapt to the heat and travel to find water.

By: Danny Dune

  • The ways a country or community makes and uses goods and services. p.110
  • The economy of early California Indians included trading, gift-giving, and sharing.

By: Emily Escobar

  • The history, beliefs, and customs of a group as told in its stories. p.116
  • California Indians did not write.
  • Adults told stories of the tribe to children.
  • Stories told the tribe’s beliefs about the world and humans.

By: Farah Faucet

government gabrielino
  • Enter definition and pg. here
  • Write two sentences explaining how this applied to the California Indians

By: name

Insert at least one picture to show your word

  • Why is this the common name given
  • Explain how it’s incorrect
works cited
Works Cited
  • Definitions for all words Harcourt Reflections
  • Map of CA Indian Tribes Slide 1
  • Slide 2 pictures: basket tool blanket clothes
  • Slide 3 pictures: necklace rocks tools
  • Slide 4 picture:
works cited cont
Works Cited Cont.
  • Slide 6 picture