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How To Fill 3-in-1 Application PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Fill 3-in-1 Application

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How To Fill 3-in-1 Application
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How To Fill 3-in-1 Application

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  1. How To Fill 3-in-1 Application For Non Resident Indians (NRIs) & Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) Version 19

  2. Application for ICICIdirect 3 in 1 Account With this account opening form, you can open: • PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON PAGE 12 • CAREFULLY BEFORE FILLING UP THE FORM

  3. Page 1 User Id and Account Registration Number (ARN) • If you have registered on before filling the form, Please mention your ARN number and User Id here. This will ensure that the User Id remains the same for your trading on ICICIdirect. There is a signature required at X1 if you are giving your ARN. • In case you have not registered, you can give a preferred User ID. • If none of this is mentioned then the signature is not mandatory.

  4. Page 1 Selection of Trading Accounts to be Opened • Here the applicant should select the types of accounts, he/she wishes to open. These are the trading accounts opened with ICICIdirect. • For more clarification on the type of accounts, one can refer to the end of Part C of the application form and/or write to

  5. Page 1 Selection of Bank Accounts to be Opened/Linked • For each trading account, there has to be a corresponding linked bank account. • For Non-PINS account, existing account can be linked. But if account no. is not provided, new accounts are opened automatically. • For PINS account, new bank accounts are compulsorily opened. • Please mention the name of the branch, for the new accounts. In case existing accounts are linked to Non-PINS, branch for new accounts will be the same.

  6. Page 1 Selection of Demat Accounts to be Opened • For each trading account selected, there has to be at least one corresponding Demat account linked to the same. • For Non-PINS account, existing account can be linked. But if account no. is not provided, new accounts are opened automatically. • For PINS account, new bank accounts are compulsorily opened. • Please select the combination in which new accounts have to be opened. Ensure to tick the correct boxes.

  7. Page 1 Personal Details of Main Applicant • Applicant’s personal details are captured here. • Following details should be same as given in the passport • Name, Date of Birth, Passport No., Place of Issue, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry • Mother’s Maiden name is required for accessing ICICI Bank Phone Banking • All electronic communication in future will be sent to the mentioned email address. • For definition of a PEP, refer to page no. 6 • PAN number is mandatory. • If you do not have PAN, refer page no. 12 for instructions

  8. Page 1 Details of the Joint Holder(s) for the Bank Account • Details of the Joint Holder(s) for the bank account should be mentioned in case Joint holders are required in the new bank accounts or are part of the existing account(s) that are linked. • If any NRE Bank account is being opened, then the joint holder should also be an NRI / PIO.

  9. Page 1 Details of the Co-Holder(s) for the Demat Account • Demat accounts can be in various combinations. • If there are any co-holders’ A and/or B, there details should be entered here. • If the co-holder is not a joint holder and the address of the co-holder(s) is different from the first holder/main applicant, then address proof is also required for co-holders. • For a list of address proofs accepted for the demat account co-holders, refer page 12 of the application.

  10. Page 2 Correspondence Address • The correspondence address mentioned here is used for correspondence from Savings, Demat and Broking accounts. • Applicants proof for the correspondence address is required for all addresses mentioned. • The permanent address can be an Indian address. However, if mentioned address proof is required. • If there is no permanent address or is the same as the current overseas address then tick in the box confirming the same.

  11. Page 2 Savings Bank Account Activity • Here the expected activity from the saving account is captured. • This section is Mandatory.

  12. Page 2 Additional Information • Here the additional details of the first applicant are captured. • Filling these details are not mandatory. PIO Declaration • This has to be signed if the applicant is a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) and not an NRI.

  13. Page 2 Nomination for Bank Account • Enter the details of the Nominee for Bank and Demat account(s), if required. • If the nominee is a Minor, details of the Guardian are also required. • In nomination is made, signature of all the bank account holders and the name and signature of a witness is required.

  14. Page 3 Photographs and Signatures of the Applicant and Holders • Photographs and signatures of the applicant as well as all the joint holder(s) for bank (if any), Co-holder(s) for the Demat (if any) as mentioned in the form are required. • Please remember to sign half on the photograph and half outside. • Signature to be within the white box provided.

  15. Page 3 Self Declaration • Existing relationships with ICICI Bank (if any) to be mentioned. If none then to be confirmed with a tick. • Declaration for receiving information from ICICI Bank to be ticked. • Place and date of client singing the form to be mentioned. • A verification by an ICICI Bank Employee is required along with the ICICI Bank Seal. Verification by an ICICI Bank Employee

  16. Page 4 & 5 Client Agreement • These are NSE and BSE agreements in the formats as prescribed by the Stock Exchanges. • Name and Place of Residence have to be filled here. • Name and Date have to be filled here • First Holder’s signature is required along with one witness each on page 4 and 5.

  17. Page 6 Risk Disclosure Document for Cash and F&O • There are certain risks associated with the investments in equity and derivative markets. • This document brings out those risks and the applicant has to sign here to confirm that he/she has read and is aware of the same. • Signature of the First Applicant is required on this page.

  18. Page 7 Declaration • This is a declaration from the applicant related to general terms and conditions. • Applicant is required to read and accept the same. • Signature of the holder(s) of the bank account is/are required at the bottom of the page.

  19. Page 8, 9 & 10 Letter of Confirmation • This a letter of confirmation for various services offered by ICICI Bank Limited and ICICI Brokerage Services Limited. • Fill the date before point no. 1 • Choose if you have a PINS account on page 10. If you have a PINS account then the same will need to be closed and the NOC (No Objection Certificate) will need to be submitted from the existing bank. • Fill the place ond date on page 10. • First Applicant’s Signature is required on page 8, 9 and 10.

  20. Page 8 Power Of Attorney • The details of the applicants as filled on page 1 of the forms have to filled here along with the date and place of the client signing the form. • Signature of all the holders is required along with their names as mention on page 1.

  21. Page 13 Client Confirmation • This is confirmation from the client for future interactions related to product and services. • Place, date and Signature is required here.

  22. Page 13 Schedule of Charges • One time account opening charge for • PINS Charges. AMC (Account Maintenance Charge) is waived for the first year. • Brokerage on • As per the slabs mentioned. • Service Tax of 12.24% is levied on the brokerage. • Lower brokerage on volumes is charged in the next calendar month. • Charges for Demat Services: • AMC is waived for the first year. • Charges per transaction are part of the brokerage mentioned above. • Signatures is required at the end of this section

  23. Page 14 Declaration and verification if form sourced outside home country THIS PAGE IS NOT REQUIRED FOR ACCOUNTS SOURCED IN UK

  24. Page 12 General Instructions and Documents Required • General Instructions to fill the form are given on this page. • A list of required documents is also given. • Address proofs are not required for all holders. Please read the address proof section carefully to understand the requirement. • Signatures and Photographs are critical. Hence please check the form again for signatures before sending. • PAN is mandatory for First holder and Co-Holders. Instructions are for getting a PAN are also mentioned on this page.

  25. Demat Application The no. of demat applications required are as many as the no. of demat ticks on page 1 of the 3-in-1 AOF.

  26. Page 1 Instructions for the Demat AOF • Please read these instructions carefully before starting to fill the application form. Selection of Type of Demat Account • This selection needs to be made in assistance with 3-in-1 application form. • For every demat tick on the page 1 of the 3-in-1 AOF, check the corresponding type of trading account. Tick that type of account here. • Tick only one options of the four provided. For other demat ticks, additional Demat applications have to be filled.

  27. Page 1 Details of the First Holder • The details on this page have to be the same as mentioned on page 1 of the 3-in-1 AOF. • The address shoujld also be the same as page 3 of the 3-in-1 AOF. • In case the PAN is not available then the same can be applied for. Please refer page 12 of the 3-in-1 AOF of the nest section of this presentation for details.

  28. Page 1 Details of the Co–Holders • The details of the Co-holders have to be the same as mentioned on page 1 of the 3-in-1 AOF. • In case the PAN is not available then the same can be applied for. Please refer page 12 of the 3-in-1 AOF of the next section of this presentation for details.

  29. Page 2 Photographs and Signatures • Photographs of all holders for the demat account have to be pasted. • Holders have to sign half on the photo and half outside along with the name and signature below the photographs as marked on the application.

  30. Page 2 Nomination for Demat Account • Nominee / Guardian cannot be one of the holders. • Photograph and Signature of the Nominee and Guardian (if any) is required. If nominee is minor then guardian can sign on behalf of the nominee. • Name and signature of 2 witnesses is required if nomination is made.

  31. Page 3 Agreement and Schedule of Charges • Name and Address of the applicants to be mention in the agreement. • Date of the agreement will be mentioned by the ICICI Bank official opening the account. • Signature of all the holders along with name and signature of the witness is required on this page.

  32. Page 4 Letter of Confirmation • Tick “Yes” for “Account to be operated through POA” • Signature of all holders is required along with the Place and date of signing.

  33. Form 49A Required individually for each Holder of the Demat account if PAN card copy is not submitted

  34. Page 1 Undertaking for receiving PAN on behalf of customer • To Whomsoever It May Concern • I, Mr./Ms.________________________________, resident of _____________________, • hereby authorize M/s. Chaturvedi & Company • having their address as under, to deal with M/s UTI Technology Services Limited in • connection with obtaining the PAN Card on my behalf. Please dispatch the PAN card • to the address mentioned below: • M/s Chaturvedi & Company, • 81, Mittal Chambers, • 228, Nariman Point, • Mumbai – 400 021. • Residential address as mentioned on Form 49 A: • _____________________________________________________________________________ • ______________________________________________________________________________ • Name: _________________________________ Signature: ____________________________ • Name and current location of residence to be mentioned along with the full residential address. • The address should be as per the address proof submitted. • Signature of the applicant is required along with the Full Name.

  35. Page 2 & 3 Instruction and Information for Applicants of Form 49A • Page 2 – Instructions for Filling up the form. • Please go through this carefully so that the form is filled properly. • Page 3 – Information for the PAN applicants. • These are information that you might require while filling up the form.

  36. Page 4 Details of the Applicant • Use ONLY BLACK BALL PEN for filling the Form and the signaturePlease do not sign across the photograph. Sign strictly within the box provided below the photograph. • Mention the name that is required on the card. • If you have not been known by any other name in the past choose NO. • On this page you also have to mention the residential address as per the address proof provided.

  37. Page 4 Details of the Applicant (Contd…) • Fill details as required in points 7 to 12. • Dot not fill details in point no. 13 if applying for the PAN through ICICIdirect. • Mention the names of the documents attached as identity and address proofs. • Mention the name of the applicant along with date and signature in the boxes provided. • DOCUMENTS REQUIRED • For NRIs • No extra documents required. Documents submitted with the 3in1 application are sufficient. • For PIOs • Passport copy and Address proof attested by the Indian Embassy have to be submitted.

  38. Thank You For any queries, please contact