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On-Line Ph. D. Thesis Processing at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere-Raigad A CASE STUDY. Motivation. Document of National Knowledge Commission (Dr. Sam Pitroda , Chairman)

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  1. On-Line Ph. D. Thesis ProcessingatDr. BabasahebAmbedkar Technological University, Lonere-RaigadA CASE STUDY

  2. Motivation • Document of National Knowledge Commission (Dr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman) • It is vital that prospective doctoral students are chosen with sufficient care and the whole selection procedure and monitoring process needs a serious review. • Adequate care should be taken to ensure that screening methods are transparent and objective.

  3. Recommendations of National Knowledge Commission • To ensure effective monitoring and assessment mechanisms Students must be continuously monitored and mentored to ensure that the research output is of requisite quality. • Experimental projects should be monitored through a well maintained log book and the guide should insist and regularly check whether log books are maintained. • External co-guides from industry/other institutes could facilitate a way to ensure better monitoring.

  4. Recommendations of National Knowledge Commission • Often there is no objective assessment of doctoral thesis, thus leading to theses of poor quality. The evaluation committee does not subject the thesis to a strict scrutiny. • There is a huge problem of uneven quality across institutions, even to the point where Ph. Ds can be “purchased” on the basis of minimal work in some places. • It is equally important that reputed examiners are appointed to validate the quality of output of research thesis. • Open defense of thesis could be mandated. If a student fails to defend his/her work suitably, a second defense can be planned after six months.

  5. BATU Case Study Before designing any new monitoring, control and assessment mechanisms, it is important to identify why the existing ones have failed and the lessons learnt should be taken into account. • This unique on-line system for monitoring the progress of the Ph. D. candidates’ right from admission till the award of degree has been recommended under the “Best Practices” by the Rajesh Aggarwal Committee in the report on “Reforms in Examinations System in Universities of Maharashtra” for implementation in all the Universities in the state of Maharashtra.

  6. Simple Model Implemented Successfully at BATU Lonere • Dedicated Ph. D. Portal • Details of Ph. D. Candidate (Thesis Submitted) • Data Bank of Ph. D. Thesis Examiners (Referees) • Research Areas of Examiners (Referees) • Allotment Status of Examiners (Referees)

  7. Online PhD Thesis Processing – Flow Chart

  8. Simple Model Implemented Successfully at BATU Lonere • Randomly Picked up Examiners • Status after Allotment of Examiners • Mail sent to Examiners • Acceptance / Non-acceptance by Examiner • Message sent on receipt of acceptance • Mail sent on receipt of acceptance

  9. Simple Model Implemented Successfully at BATU Lonere • Thesis Evaluation Report for Examiners • Thesis Evaluation Report Received • Message sent on receipt Evaluation Reports • Arrange Defense

  10. Simple Model Implemented Successfully at BATU Lonere • Defense arranged by Controller of Examinations • Candidate Defended his Thesis Successfully • Provisional Certificate issued by COE • Status of Ph. D. Thesis during processing available on portal to the Candidate

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