Nhd wbd stewardship conference apr 24 26 2007 report to fgc3 cmc2
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NHD/WBD Stewardship Conference Apr 24-26, 2007 Report to FGC3/CMC2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NHD/WBD Stewardship Conference Apr 24-26, 2007 Report to FGC3/CMC2. U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey. Lorri Peltz-Lewis (BOR). NHD New Look:. All presentations available at this site. Attendees. State Participation – almost all states were represented

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Nhd wbd stewardship conference apr 24 26 2007 report to fgc3 cmc2 l.jpg

NHD/WBD Stewardship ConferenceApr 24-26, 2007Report to FGC3/CMC2

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Geological Survey

Lorri Peltz-Lewis (BOR)

Nhd new look l.jpg
NHD New Look:

All presentations available at this site.

Attendees l.jpg

State Participation – almost all states were represented

Local Participation – many local agencies (cities/counties) attended

Private – a few

Federal – DOI (BLM, USGS, BOR, FWS, NPS), EPA, USFS, etc.

Agenda l.jpg

Day 1

Maintenance, Problems, Transaction & Editing – Kevin Roth & Carl Nelson & Paul Kimsey

Stewardship Presentations – Minnesota, EPA, USFS, BLM, etc.

Photo-Based Revisions – WV, NJ,

State Activities – ad hoc presentations & discussions

Day 2

Editing, Processing, Measures, GNIS integration, Loading, Densification, WBD, NWI, etc.

Day 3

NHD & EPA, NHD Plus, Event Migration, Stream Stats, Edit Tool Development, Future Database, Development, etc.

Interpretation of results l.jpg
Interpretation of Results

  • All BLM states were involved at some level with creation of NHD and WBD.

  • Significant disparity exists across BLM states concerning participation in NHD Partnerships and development of Stewardship Agreements.

  • Most BLM states are beginning to download NHD.

  • Most BLM states are associating attribute/event information to stream network, some as events on the NHD.

  • Most states are identifying uses for the NHD and associated attribute information.

Concerns listed pg 1 l.jpg
Concerns Listed – pg 1

  • COORD - Need more coordination between state stewards on subbasins crossing state boundaries.

  • COORD - Need infra-structure improvement at USGS.

  • DATA - Need five day turn around on a transactional load, plus notification when loaded.

  • TOOL - Need new edit tools within six months of new releases of ArcGIS (such as 9.2).

  • DATA - A major issue that federal agencies are not on current release of ArcGIS 9.2.

  • COORD - Concern that NHD may not be adequately supported at high levels within Federal Agencies.

  • COORD - States need information on grant/assistance opportunities

  • TOOL - May not be necessary to upgrade tools to 9.2. Money could be used to improve NHD data.

  • TOOL - Tools need to be backwards in compatibility with old versions of ArcGIS.

  • TOOL - All stewards should be on the most current edit tools. Stewards should be notified when new tools are ready to be used.

  • TOOL - Geo-conflation tool needs to be completed.

  • COORD - Leverage GIS/hydrologic organizations for more support of NHD.

  • COORD - Need better communications between stewards and USGS and within USGS.

Concerns listed pg 2 l.jpg
Concerns Listed – pg 2

  • COORD - Federal agencies need to make it easier to apply for grants and funding assistance.

  • COORD - Need USGS to provide feedback on these issues.

  • COORD - Need specific information about grants for NHD maintenance or completion.

  • COORD - Need list-serve for stewards & POCs. Two month deadline to get this done.

  • COORD - Recommend bi-annual NHD Stewardship Conference.

  • COORD - Recommend multiple concurrent track sessions or workshops at the stewardship conferences.

  • TOOL - Need FTP site to make available local or revised shared tools.

  • TOOL - Need knowledge-based website for more information on editing and use of NHD.

  • COORD - Funding concerns: (1) Guarantee the USGS is going to fund NHD and not let dataset become stagnant; (2) Does USGS believe NHD is a viable data layer to keep funding?; and (3) Will USGS continue to fund the NHD tools development, data integration, data support, web availability, POC support?

  • TOOL - Develop a more user friendly sub-basin FTP site.

Concerns listed pg 3 l.jpg
Concerns Listed – pg 3

  • TOOL - During extraction, notify extractor if maintenance is being done on that sub-basin.

  • COORD - Need a survey to gather information on steward needs.

  • TOOL - Need development of NHD Network tool and NHD Network Reproduction tool.

  • ----- Comments received after meeting -----

  • COORD/TOOL - Will this state NHD Advisory Council address tools and data management issues?

  • COORD - Florida. Is funding available through the USGS and other Federal agencies to support initiatives of the USEPA for which the NHD is well-suited?

  • COORD - West Virginia. Would recommend that State Stewards collectively craft a resolution that supports the nationwide development and maintenance of the NHD. States could then have the coordinating GIS office and the state stewardship agency adopt the resolution. Send a letter to the USGS NGPO office, NSGIC, elected officials, etc. to show support of the initiative. NSGIC should adopt the resolution at the September annual meeting. Also the NHD stewardship should be added to the NSGIC conference agenda.

Concerns listed pg 4 l.jpg
Concerns Listed – pg 4

  • COORD - West Virginia. Develop an online survey using a “survey monkey” to capture the State’s business needs for NHD, and then forward the survey information to USGS. This could be done before the resolution would be created.

  • COORD - North Carolina. From a programmatic perspective, a detailed explanation of what the role of USGS NHD staff will be relative to the NGTOC statement of work if an outside contractor is selected.

  • COORD - North Carolina. Need assurance that the stewardship community will have some role in the technical direction-setting details (data model upgrades, tool development, etc.) If the support for stewardship is going to be tied to business cases at the state and local level, the technical details need to be in alignment with this concept in practice.

  • COORD - North Carolina. There is a need to retain a degree of flexibility in the agreement between states and NHD.

  • COORD - North Carolina. As states tailor their stewardship agreements there has not been a baseline or minimum requirements set to ensure that NHD is maintained as a whole to prevent the NHD from devolving into fifty separate datasets.