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Audience feedback for magazine

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Front cover l.jpg
Front cover

  • The name of the magazine was good and the name of the suited the style of magazine.

  • The use of colour was good.

  • Thought that the front cover looked professional.

However changes could be made l.jpg
However changes could be made.

  • The title of Poptastic could be made bigger.

  • The cover lines could lose the coloured background behind the cover line.

Contents page l.jpg
Contents page

  • The use of colour on the page is good, maybe just a little bit to bright.

  • The contents information suites the magazine that has been create.

  • The Photographs look good for the magazine that has been created.

However changes could be made5 l.jpg
However changes could be made.

  • The writing in the contents needs to be change because it is difficult to read.

  • Need to add two more Photographs, to file the space in the middle up. Move the photographs, so that I can create room for two more photographs.

  • Write when you can subscribe to the magazine in the space in the contents information.

  • Maybe make the texted bigger, so that it is easy to read.

Double page spread l.jpg
Double page spread

  • Like the fact that I have used a white background behind the coloured text.

  • Like the Idea that I have used a different colour for each person in the group.

However changes could be made7 l.jpg
However changes could be made.

  • Maybe I could make the main photograph bigger on the page.