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FOOD SAFETY. Question: What is the USA doing to improve food safety?. Production. Distribution.

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Food safety



What is the USA doing to improve food safety?



Pouliot talks about how traceability would benefit food safety because it would put more pressure on the producers. It also puts liability on the producers so they will take it more seriously.

Shames talks about a new computer system the FDA is coming out with called “PREDICT” it can be placed at ports and will determine the safe food from contaminated food.

Grossman talks about how there has been a new act passed that will set new laws to help , detecting and reporting contamination, and monitoring imported foods better.



  • 47.8 million illnesses

  • 128,000 hospitalizations

  • 3,000 deaths

Kramer talks about how the management positions of companies are being tested to see how they manage the sanitation in there company.

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