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Aztec and Cortes PowerPoint Presentation
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Aztec and Cortes

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Aztec and Cortes
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Aztec and Cortes

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  1. Aztec and Cortes SS6H1 The student will describe the impact of European contact on Latin America a. Describe the encounter and consequences of the conflict between the Spanish and the Aztecs and Incas and the role of Cortes, Montezuma, Pizarro, and Atahualpa

  2. Most powerful civilization in central and southern Mexico at the time of European exploration. The Aztec capital was Tenochtitlan, which is now present day Mexico City. Aztec

  3. Aztecs were known for their artwork and architecture. Tenochtitlan was very beautiful and constructed on islands in a large lake Pyramid temples were at the center of the city. AZTEC

  4. Important part of Aztec culture was the sacrifice of animals and humans. People conquered by the Aztec paid large taxes and provided the people for the sacrifices. AZTEC

  5. AZTEC • Aztec society was very complex • Two different calendar systems were used to organize the empire as well as mathematical systems.

  6. AZTEC • Agriculture was a huge factor in their power. They developed irrigation for farming in order to sustain a large empire with food.

  7. The empire ended in 1521 when it was conquered by the Spanish. The Spanish destroyed much of the art and architecture of the Aztec. The Spanish built Mexico City on the spot of Tenochtitlan. AZTEC

  8. Some of the Aztec culture is being discovered today through archaeology. Buildings and art are being found and a version of the Aztec language, Nahuatl, is still spoken in Mexico today AZTEC

  9. AZTEC

  10. Montezuma II and Hernan Cortes

  11. Montezuma II was the Aztec ruler from about 1500 to 1520. He was the leader of the Aztecs when they were invaded by the Spanish conquistadors. Conquistador is Spanish for conqueror. Montezuma II

  12. Montezuma II • Montezuma was unpopular with neighboring people because he took control of some of their lands, made them pay high taxes, and required them to send him people for the human sacrifices. • The Aztecs, however, considered Montezuma II a great ruler

  13. Montezuma II was alerted when the Spanish conquistadors came and allowed them to enter the city. He gave them gifts of gold hoping that they would take the gifts and leave Montezuma II

  14. Montezuma II • Unfortunately, Cortes took Montezuma II hostage and held him prisoner in his own palace • In 1520, a huge battle broke out between the Spanish and the Aztec and Montezuma was killed

  15. Spanish conquistador who fought and conquered the Aztec from 1519-1521 Born in Spain in 1485 Heard stories about Columbus and the riches of the New World when he was young Hernan Cortes

  16. Cortes • Sailed to the New World at 19 and worked in the Spanish colonies • He was assigned the task of conquering the Aztecs in 1518. • He took several ships loaded with men and supplies • In order to ensure success, he had the ships burned when he got to Mexico so that no one could try to go back.FAILURE was not an option!!!

  17. Cortes made friends with the enemies of the Aztecs so he could increase his army. He was welcomed by Montezuma II and immediately took the Aztec ruler hostage. Cortes

  18. CORTES • A fight started between the Aztec and Cortes’ men while he was away. • He had to come back to battle and win back Tenochtitlan. • In 1521, Cortes sent more settlers and troops to the area • They tore down buildings and destroyed the beautiful Aztec capital. • In its place, they built Mexico City • For the next 300 years, the Spanish ruled the area of Mexico