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Hernan Cortes

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Hernan Cortes. By: Taylor, Maggie, and Morgan. Hernan Cortes. Fun facts about Hernan Cortes!. Hernan was born in 1485. In Medellin, Extremadura. He died in Spain on December 2, 1547. He first served as a soldier in the expedition. Made a city out of stone named Mexico City.

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hernan cortes

Hernan Cortes

By: Taylor, Maggie, and Morgan

fun facts about hernan cortes
Fun facts about Hernan Cortes!
  • Hernan was born in 1485. In Medellin, Extremadura.
  • He died in Spain on December 2, 1547.
  • He first served as a soldier in the expedition.
  • Made a city out of stone named Mexico City.
where did he sail
Where did he sail?
  • He sailed to the coast of Yucatan on February 18,1519. He had sailed 11 ships, 508 soldiers, and most important16 horses. In March, 1519 he landed at the city of Tabasco, where he stayed for a time in order to gain intelligence from the local Indians.
  • He sailed to Mexico with 500 soldiers.
  • He also sailed to Honduras ,Cuba, Aztec Empire.
who gave him the boat and money for the voyage
Who gave him the boat and money for the voyage?
  • Cortes got his boat from the Spanish government.
  • Also, Cortes burned his boat so his soldiers couldn’t.
  • Cortes had about 11 boats .
  • Cortes got all of his money from the Spanish government.
  • Hernan had never had a lot of money but the Spanish government decided to help him and sponsor him.
what was cortes major accomplishment
What was Cortes major accomplishment?
  • Cortes was a Spanish conquistador who defeated and conquered the Aztec Empire.
  • He was considered a god by the Aztecs.
  • The Aztecs welcomed him to their country as a hero.
what was the importance of his voyage
What was the importance of his voyage?
  • Mexico was just newly discovered when Hernan Cortes was allowed to lead a small expedition to explore.
  • Cortes claimed the land for Spain and began his conquest.
  • He met his future mistress.
  • He learned Mayan and Nahuati.
journal 1
Journal #1
  • We stared in new Mexico. We travel by boat and brought food, water and animal skins. The captain of the boat was Hernan Cortes. The dates of the trip were February 18,1519 and March 1519.We traveled from New Mexico to through the following cities
journal 2
Journal #2
  • One of the bad things about exploring with Hernan Cortes is there is a lot of people on the boat. Hernan burned ten boats but we got to explore Mexico. Hernan liked to explore. The people that we meet didn’t like the Aztecs. When we discovered the Aztecs they were very nice to us. They though Hernan was a god. When he figured it out he was greedy and asked for more gold.
journal 3
Journal #3
  • Hi, I was on the ship mate on Hernan Cortés's ship. The ship was miserable. I was in the bottom of the ship and wasn’t aloud to get out unless I did work on the ship. There were many people around me and they had diseases and everyone was starving. Other ships would also come after us. The ships tired to rob us. I heard that Hernan soldiers left him and didn’t have anyone for a period of time.
journal 4
Journal #4
  • One of the good things about exploring with Hernan Cortes was we get to explore México and got to stay with the Aztecs. Hernan owed all the land that the Aztecs were on. We got gold and jewelry from the Aztecs. Hernan saw no point on hurting the Aztecs. the Aztecs loved Cortes they thought we would protect them but that’s not true.
journal 5
Journal #5
  • Hi, I have been at the Aztec empire and we gathered gold which Cortes was excited about. Cortes was excited about the gold because its our money these days. Also, we gained the Aztec empire and the Spain empire. I have had a pretty interesting adventure here in the Aztec empire. I will always remember the horrible ships and the difficulties a long the way.
journal 6
Journal #6
  • My name is Taylor. We traveled on the boat to Mexico and we traveled for 200 miles. We had on the boat food and money and other things when we got there thousands of native Americans watched us when unloading the boat.
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