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Associato a. “ MONGOLIA AND ITALY A WINNING PARTNERSHIP IN THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR ” “ Construction Mongolia ” 2013 - UlaanBaatar, 18th October 2013 Michele De Gasperis Микеле Де Гасперис. Associato a. The Italian-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce CCIM.

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  1. Associato a “MONGOLIA AND ITALY A WINNING PARTNERSHIP IN THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR” “Construction Mongolia” 2013 - UlaanBaatar, 18th October 2013 Michele De Gasperis Микеле Де Гасперис

  2. Associato a The Italian-MongolianChamberofCommerce CCIM • The Italian-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce CCIM is a public body for the promotion of the economic relations between Mongolia and Italy. • Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development on March 2010. • Unioncamere accredited, registered in the Mixed Chamber of Commerce Registry. • It’s the only Italian body with headquarters and delegations in the respective countries. • Synergy and collaboration with the Mongolian Embassy in Italy • Synergy and collaboration with the Italian Embassy for Mongolia • Synergy and collaboration with the ICE office in Beijing

  3. Associato a The network of Unioncamere • The network includes and represents all the Italian companies: • 105 Chambers of Commerce in the Italian provinces • 113 Abroad and Mixed Italian Chambers of Commerce •   More than 6,000,000 Italian companies associated with the Italian Chamber System that through the Italian-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce are now represented in Mongolia •   The Italian Chamber System (Unioncamere) is activating a network to share information through which the profile of a Mongolian company associated with CCIM is visible to all the 218 Italian Chambers of Commerce.

  4. Associato a Services and activities • Promotion and trade support to improve the interchange between the two countries • First instrumentofcontrol, selection and filterofcompaniesand business proposals • Research, selection and assistancefor the governmenttenders • Events e TV participationfor the promotion of the Mongolianopportunitiesto the Italiancompanies • Supportto the developmentof a significantItalian-Mongolianbusiness community • Study Centre in collaboration with research institutes • Events and television appearances to promote the Mongolian opportunities in Italy • Adequate incentive to the growth of the Italian-Mongolian business community

  5. Associato a The Italian construction and infrastructure in the world • One of the worldwide leaders in this sector: turnover increased threefold in the last eight years (+196.2%, an annual average of +14.5%). • Activities in about90 countriesallover the world. • Total amountof over 61 billion euro, in addition to concessions for over 63 billion euro in the framework of international groupings, of which 11.5 billion of direct competence of the Italian companies. • 226 new contracts in 2012 for a value of over 12 billion euro signed by the Italian construction companies.

  6. Associato a The Italian point of view on the urban construction and infrastructure • Italy has a complex area, largely surrounded by the sea but extremely mountainous, with peaks reaching 4,000m and very different temperature and climate between north and south of the country, and quick landscape changes. • In this particular geographical configuration, over the centuries the Italian engineering and architecture had to adapt their buildings to different climatic and environmental conditions, reaching a level of technological refinement at the top in the world. • Also, Italy has had a glorious history in the infrastructure sector. The Italian engineers and designers of railways, tunnels, roads, highways, dams, etc. were for many years the best in the world in the construction of major infrastructure projects. • With this great tradition, today Italy is at the top of the worldwide infrastructure sector.

  7. Associato a The Italian point of view on the infrastructures Ponte della Musica, Rome, Italy Land side road system, Rome-Fiumicino Airport, Italy

  8. Associato a The Italian point of view on the infrastructures Porta Nuova Turin Railway Station, Italy Milan Central Station, Italy

  9. Associato a The Italian airports – Terminals Rome-Fiumicino Airport “Leonardo da Vinci”, Italy Florence Airport “Amerigo Vespucci”, Italy Turin Airport “Sandro Pertini”, Italy Trapani-Birgi Airport “Vincenzo Florio”, Italy

  10. Associato a Italianairports in the world Lugano Airport, Switzerland (Master Plan) Bujumbura International Airport, Burundi New International Airport of Maputo, Mozambique Kinshasa N’djili International Airport, Congo (Master Plan)

  11. Associato a “Smart-City” • "Smart City" is an urban environment that can improve the quality of life of its inhabitants reconciling and meeting the needs of citizens, companies and institutions thanks to their widespread and innovative use of ICT. • The implementation of technologies designed to achieve these goals means to put the emphasis on the eco-urban development, the reduction of energy wastage and the drastic reduction of pollution, thanks to the improvement in the urban planning and transport: today these parameters are essential to measure the well-being of a modern city. • In this field, Italy is at the top in Europe: Turin and Varese are two of the most advanced cities in the technological and logistics implementations to improve the urban life.

  12. Associato a The environment • In this context it’s essential, in addition to using eco-friendly materials, adapting the residential areas to the logic of saving energy in a climate such as Mongolian. • In recent years the topic of energy and environmental sustainability of the city has become crucial. A kind of cultural revolution that changed the approach to building design and urban planning and that, in addition to answering the request of "green" coming from the urban movements, is leading to the rediscovery of the traditional urban values ​​such as density, pedestrian mobility, accessibility, etc.. • In this field Italy for years has been cutting-edge, having successfully tested over time various technologies and solutions of "green” design.

  13. Associato a Urban requalification • The urban requalification is the process through which it acts on the city or the individual district to give a new and competitive aspect. The urban requalification has been mostly taken as an opportunity to modernize the urban areas of the center and of the first periphery, and above all to increase the services offered and the quality of the urban life, to fill the remaining gaps and to turn them into enhancement and enrichment opportunities, attracting in it functions of excellence, in order to improve the city image. • The urban requalification is thought not only for the city centers but also for the newer suburbs, an expansion not so much uncontrolled than perhaps not discouraged by a local planning that has not been able to gear up to face the metropolitan dimension. • The Urban Regeneration is a program for urban and social services so that citizens who live in the suburbs are able to have the same standard of services provided in the town centers. The goal is to improve the urban, residential, socio-economic, environmental and cultural human settlements by intervention tools developed with the involvement of residents and public and private bodies.

  14. Associato a People-oriented cities • Specific objectives of urban requalification:- Redevelopment of the built environment;- Reorganization of the urban arrangement (recovery or implementation of urbanization, green spaces and services);- To contrast the inhabitants’ social exclusion;- Redevelopment of the urban environment through the implementation of ecological infrastructures aimed at increasing biodiversity in the urban environment. • The importance of the urban and social project of the urban regeneration are the same: the priority is to improve the citizens’ living conditions by adopting new urban solutions and requilifing the existing to guarantee results. • All that in accordance with the history, lifestyles and culture of the city.

  15. Associato a High quality, style, design • Made in Italy could be defined as the aura of the objects produced in any manufacturing or industrial sector (from fashion to construction, from furniture to accessories) generated by an innate planning inclination of the Italian designers, architects and urban planners. • It is part of the historical Italian genetics, of the humanistic culture, in a land where every region has succeeded in developing the excellence that today represent the essence of Italian style so sought-after in the world. • The key to the Italian projects is here, in the measured balance of the sets, in the perfect proportions between the elements and in the special attention for the details. Speaking of the city, it’s thanks to this balance that we can connect the new to the existing through a unique style, obtaining a different and present subject with its own personality.

  16. Associato a Urban requalification – The Chamber’s projects STUDIO IL QUADRATO Urban redevelopment project of a ger district in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar for the construction of 5,000 residential units and connected basic public services (schools, hospitals and sports and cultural centers) made ​​on high quality and eco-friendly materials.

  17. Associato a Urban requalification - STUDIO IL QUADRATO

  18. Associato a Urban requalification – The Chamber’s projects FRANZINA + PARTNERS ARCHITETTURA Urban redevelopment project of a ger district in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar for the construction of 1,000 residential units and connected basic public services (schools, hospitals and sports and cultural centers) made ​​on high quality and eco-friendly materials. This project is fully complied with the directives on green building and energy efficiency of UNDP - United Nations Development Programme.

  19. Associato a Urban requalification – FRANZINA + PARTNERS ARCHITETTURA

  20. Associato a Urban requalification – The Chamber’s projects • ITP GROUP • Urban redevelopment project of a ger district in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar for the construction of 1,000 residential units and connected basic public services (schools, hospitals and sports and cultural centers) made ​​on high quality and eco-friendly materials.

  21. Associato a Urban requalification – ITP GROUP

  22. Associato a Italy in Asia: the joint ventures with Mongolia • Mongolia is rich in natural resources and high quality raw materials, while Italy stands out for technology, industrial machinery, design and know-how. • Mongolia, given its geographical location between Russia and China, is an ideal logistics platform for the production and exports to the huge Asian market, and thus could become an "industrial outpost" of the Italian quality in the center of the continent just where raw materials are available. • Italy offers to Mongolia the best door to Europe for the access of goods by ship. Italy is in a strategic position in Europe, but also in central position with respect to the countries of the Mediterranean basin, so it’s also relevant as a platform to the North African countries.

  23. Associato a Italian and Mongolian companies: a not-prevaricating approach • The needs of the Mongolian companies and the Italian objectives coincide: Italy can help Mongolia in transition from supplier of raw materials country to industrialized country. Mongolia may help Italy to spread its technology producing high-quality Italian products in the center of Asia, reducing transportation costs. • The respective companies of Italy and Mongolia are very similar in size, and therefore suitable to commercially cooperate. • The entrepreneurial approach of the Italian companies is cooperative. The Italian companies look for an equal partnership so there’s no prevarication, as can happen between countries that have entrepreneurial dimensions deeply unbalanced.

  24. Associato a The Italian finance: SACE and SIMEST • State-owned company active in the field of export credit, credit insurance, investment protection, financial guarantees, securities and factoring. • From February 2013, the conditions of insurability to Mongolia are unrestricted opening of all types of risks (sovereign, corporate and banking): eliminated the country ceiling. • State-owned company that assists and supports the Italian companies in their internationalization process and it can acquire shares in foreign companies up to 49% of the share capital. • It gives support to the export credits for the investment goods produced in Italy, financial feasibility studies and technical assistance programs, programs for the integration in foreign markets, interventions in favor of exporting SMEs, as well as providing financial assistance and legal issues related to investment projects abroad.

  25. Associato a Ourcontacts • www.associm.com • info@associm.com • +976 98324469 • Skype: TheAssocim

  26. Thank you Michele De Gasperis www.associm.com - info@associm.com АНХААРАЛ ТАВЬСАНД БАЯРЛАЛАА Микеле Де Гасперис

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