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Venice, Italy PowerPoint Presentation
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Venice, Italy

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Venice, Italy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Venice, Italy. This presentation is brought to you by Cindy Rose. For Ernst Schuegraf. November 18, 2005. Venice is the capital of Veneto. The province of Venice has a population of 271, 663. It is located in the Northeast of Italy.

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Venice, Italy

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    1. Venice, Italy This presentation is brought to you by Cindy Rose For Ernst Schuegraf November 18, 2005

    2. Venice is the capital of Veneto. The province of Venice has a population of 271, 663. It is located in the Northeast of Italy. Venice is beautiful whether or not you see it in the day or night. It is almost a fairy tale city, floating on the sea. This city has drawn millions of tourists from it’s ancient monuments and abstract buildings. Its main source of income is tourism. Italian is the official language. Other languages include Sardinian, German, Ladin, French, Greek, Albanian. There are practically no roads in the historic centre of Venice, cars and trucks are banned. Venice is built on 117 islands and features 150 canals. The area around Venice is the wealthiest region in Europe.

    3. Some History The city was founded as a result of refugees into the marshes of the Po estuary following the invasion of north Italy by the Lombard's in 568. Venice was a city state, along with Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi. The Republic of Venice detained eastern shores of the Adriatic before 1200, because pirates based there were a threat to trade. Mainland possession were acquired known as “Terrafirma”, to ensure the supply of mainland wheat, on which the city depended. Venice became an imperial power following the Fourth Crusade, which detained Constantinople in 1204 and established the Latin Empire. Only Venetian ships could efficiently transport the men, war horses, and supplies. The Venice government was a mixture of Byzantine and Islamic people. The people of Venice remained Roman Catholics. Today, 80% of the population are Roman Catholics.

    4. Transportation There are 2 types of main transportation, waterborne and pedestrian. Canals serve the function of roads. The grand canal is the widest Venetian canal that flows its way through the whole city. Venice is famous for its canals, several gondolas sail down the canals of Venice. Waterbuses are the big thing in Italy. You may have to wait a couple minutes for one to come because their usually busy. The local waterbuses stop 13 times between the Piazzale Roma and the Piazza San Marco. The waterbus fare is €3,50 or €5,00 for rides on the Grand Canal. You can also get a Venice card and ride for free. Traghetto are other commonly used gondolas, which are walk on ferries crossing the Grand Canal at certain points without bridges.

    5. G O N D O L A S A gondola is a classical Venetian boat. Now a days it is mostly used for tourists, weddings, and other ceremonies. Many tourists find the gondola rides to be very heavy on the pocket but worth it because of the scenery. The official set rate cost for a 50 minute ride is €62. 62 euros converted to the Canadian dollar is $87. The base rate goes up to €77.50 after 8 pm, which would be equal to $108.50 Canadian. A cheaper way out is taking a ride on the Traghetto, a ferry gondola. It only costs 40 cents. This ride is short but your allowed to stand up. Gondoliers are also willing to sing for you but at an extra cost. It only take on gondolier to row with one oar. Gondoliers take great pride in their gondolas and pay around 20, 000 for a well built one, which will last for 20 years.

    6. WEATHER Humidity remains high all year round because of nearby Alps and wind from North Africa. The climate changes dramatically throughout the year. The temperature drops below freezing in the winter. Venice suffers from a lot of floods during the fall and winter months, especially November. In the summer, the temperature rises to 36 degrees Celsius.

    7. Main Attractions Two of the main attractions in Venice is the Grand Canal and the St.Mark’s Basilica. Grand Canal: It is Venice’s largest waterway. The grand canal is over 2 miles long and features three bridges: the ponte Degli Scalzi, the ponte del Rialto and the ponte del Academia. A map of the canal running through Venice, taken in the air. It is beautiful to take a ride down the canal at night.

    8. Continued…. A lot of weddings take place in the Basilica. St. Mark’sBasilica: It is the cathedral church of the city since 1807. The present Basilica was built between about 1063 and the middle of the 15th century, being the third built on that site. The inside is very romantic and impressive. It seats 120 guests. The religion for the Basilica is Roman Catholic. The interior.

    9. Flight Fares This is an estimated price cost for a round trip to Venice and back on an American airline. You will travel on 2 American airlines, Vienne and Alitalia. You will leave Halifax at 3:21pm and arrive in Venice at 9:25am on February 24th. It will be a ten day stay at the Residenza Cannaregio hotel, which is a 4 star hotel. You will leave Venice at 11:25am and arrive in Halifax at 8:27pm on March 5th. The average cost for three return tickets is $1,795.64 per individual. Making the total cost of your trip $5, 386.91. Enjoy your stay! If you are going to visit Venice you have to stay a week so you have enough days to capture all the scenery. I chose my flight trip in February because air fares and hotel prices are cheaper from November to March. Its best not to drive to Venice because gas is very expensive and it is really hard to find parking spots.

    10. Residenza Cannaregio Hotel This hotel use to be a place where gondolas were built. Cancellations have to be made three days before date of arrival. It is located near the Jewish ghetto, center of the city. The Canadian price for one night is $258, but this is included in the round trip price. The rooms offer: -Air conditioning -Television and Telephone -Bathroom -Fan -Mini Bar The hotel has 66 guest rooms and check in time is 2pm and check out time is noon.

    11. The country converted to the Euro in January,2002. C U R R E N C Y One Euro (€ ),is equal to 100 cents. One Canadian dollar is equal to 72 cents in Euros. It is one of the 12 places to have the Euro as their currency. Many small restaurants and shops only accept cash. You should ask if they accept credit cards before you try and buy anything. Foreign money and travellers cheques can be cashed banks, airports, and railway stations.

    12. FOOD Italy is very famous for its pizza. Their main ingredient is spices. Venice’s food is effected by its geography and economy. Rice is among many of their dishes. The most common rice they use is arborio. Although rice is not grown in Venice. The Venetians introduced coffee to western Europe and opened the first coffee shop in 1683. Seafood is a major part of the Venetian cuisine because of the sea on their southeastern border. Venetians tend to drink wine with their meals. Another food they are famous for is pasta. Venice cuisine if full of color and variety.

    13. CULTURE: Everyone's daily life differs in Venice. They spend most of their time eating, sleeping and cleaning. Men enjoy more free time than woman. Their participation in sports and physical activities is low. EDUCATION: On average, girls the age of 14 spend 3 times more time studying than boys. Venice and Italy have a lot of summer school programs. In the Italian school in Venice, there are 10 well equipped classrooms. Venetian school is not only Italian languages but also students can be taught in English.

    14. My trip to Italy and Greece We stayed at 4 different hotels and went on a 1 night cruise ship through the Mediterranean. In March 2004, I went on a 10 day trip to Italy and Greece with 30 other classmates. We raised money 2 years before the trip and it cost 3,200 per person for everything. It was a memorable experience and I cant wait to go back sometime.

    15. The End

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