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  1. Homework R-9 due tomorrow Test on the Renaissance / Reformation Thursday. 20 multiple choice and full essay. Review sheet available on the website.

  2. Aim: What was the Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation? Begin the Counter-Reformation Led by reformer Pope: Paul III

  3. 1. Call a Council of Church Leaders = Council of Trent(1545-1563) Pope as head of the church Belief that Bible and religious law may only be interpreted by the Pope. Latin Bible as the only one which may be used. - Still need faith and good works for salvation

  4. 2. Make the following changes: Sale of indulgences and Churchoffices prohibited Higher educational standards for the clergy More disciplineover clergy Sermons may sometimes be preached in people’s languages

  5. 3. Bring back the Inquisition A religious court to hold secret trials, using torture to determine who are heretics (disbelievers). Some heretics will be burned at the stake. Do you believe that this is an effective tool in achieving the goals of the counter-reformation? Which other groups would be persecuted as nonbelievers besides Protestants?

  6. 4. Set up an Index of Prohibited/Forbidden Books Those books which could not be published, sold, or distributed because they might conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Which books would this include?

  7. 5. Establish a Society of Jesusstarted by Ignatius Layola These clergymen, called Jesuits would have the job of winning back converts by: Setting up schools Going out as missionaries in Asia, Africa and the New World Acting as advisors to nobles and princes

  8. Concluding Question Of all the tools and methods used by the Roman Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation, which do you predict would be the most effective?