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  1. Homework Friday, we will be looking at slave resistance and the end of slavery in Latin America. To prepare for this, please read the two documents listed below and answer the following question: “What function did maroon societies have in slave resistance? Provide two examples.” “Maroons in Jamaica” by Edward Dabdoub & “Black Seminoles” by Toni Carrier Additionally, there will be a group discussion Friday about the Cuban Insurrection/Spanish-American War. To prepare for this, there are several documents to read. These are uploaded to the website. "Our America" by José Martí, which expounds his view of an independent Latin American culture Description of Cuban War for Independence Newspaper article about the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine, which perpetuated (kind of) the US entrance into the Cuban Insurrection Description of the Spanish-American War (Optional) The Cuban Insurrection & the Spanish-American War by Mike Bucco; a longer essay about the Cuban War for Independence and the subsequent Spanish-American War

  2. Learning Styles, Etc.

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  4. Bolívar's “Jamaica Letter” What is Bolívar’s major argument about the need for the people in Spanish Latin America to gain their independence? What is Bolívar’s purpose in the argument about the Turks and other Asian absolute rulers? How has Spain economically restricted the American colonies? What problems does Bolívar foresee with South American independence? How is Bolívar’s Jamaica Letter similar to the American Declaration of Independence?

  5. Comp Essay Practice For the following compare and contrast essay prompt, create an outline of your arguments and write a thesis statement. Analyze the similarities and differences in the political and social changes that occurred as a result of revolution in any TWO of the following regions during the Modern Period (1750-1900). Spanish Latin America Haiti (Saint-Domingue)

  6. Spanish Latin America Haiti

  7. Comp Essay Practice • Topic #1 • Similarity • Evidence • Difference • Evidence • Topic #2 • Similarity • Evidence • Difference • Evidence