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  1. Homework • I-1 due Monday • DBQ due Tuesday

  2. Aim: How did Muhammad establish the religion of Islam? • Do Now: "For the west, much of the history of Islam has been obscured behind a veil of fear and misunderstanding." Explain this statement, and state whether you agree or disagree.

  3. Polls: American Views about Muslims

  4. 1999 Gallup Poll: Percentages of people who would NOT vote for a presidential candidate who was part of a certain group. • Catholic: 4%Black: 5%Jewish: 6%Baptist: 6%Woman: 8%Mormon:17%Gay: 37%Muslim: 38%Atheist: 48%

  5. I. The World of Muhammad

  6. I. The World of Muhammad • Most people who lived on the Arabian Peninsula were Bedouins: - Nomadic herders who lived in the desert - Organized into tribes known as clans B.By the early 600s, many Bedouins have moved to market towns like Mecca.

  7. I. The World of Muhammad C. Muhammad is born in Mecca in 570 • What was his early life like? • When Muhammad was growing up, how did most people practice religion in Mecca?

  8. I. The World of Muhammad D. In 610, Muh’s life is changed forever when the angel Gabriel sends him a revelation: 1. He is the messenger of God (Allah) 2. He must teach people that Allah is the one and only God. 3. Muh’s followers will be known as Muslims, and the religion they follow is called Islam (“submission to the will of Allah”).

  9. I. The World of Muhammad E. Muhammad attracts followers, but many in Mecca are opposed to his views. Why? F. In 622, Muh and his followers leave Mecca and travel 200 miles toYathrib / Medina (a journey known as the Hijrah).

  10. I. The World of Muhammad G.Muh gains thousands of new followers in Medina by unifying rival clans and offering a message of hope and salvation. H.In 630, Muh and an army of 10,000 conquer Mecca. How was Muhammad able to accomplish this even though he was originally outnumbered? • Muh will now rule over these two communities and unite them under Islam. Destroys the idols in the Kaaba. Otherwise, he shows tolerance and mercy towards the people of Mecca. • How do Muhammad’s actions here make him different from Jesus or Moses?