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Public Policy Applied Policy Workshop Portfolio. Problem.

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Public policy applied policy workshop portfolio

PublicPolicyAppliedPolicyWorkshop Portfolio


“Smoking is theleading cause of preventable deathinthe United States. Our goal is to assess proposed tobacco strategies to decrease the number of smoking related deaths from 400,000to less than 10,000deaths in the United States per year.”

Endgame strategies
Endgame Strategies

  • Nicotine Reduction

  • SinkingLid


  • Reduced-Harm Alternatives

Final recommendation
Final Recommendation

  • 10 Year Strategy

    • Gradual Nicotine Content Reduction by 0.2%

    • Subsidization of Reduced Harm Alternatives Products

  • Legislative and Regulatory

    • Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

  • Emphasis on Successful Cessation Attempts, Industry Transformation, and Speed of Implementation

For every dollar spent
For every Dollar Spent:

  • $34 are saved in medical expenses

  • 86 cigarettes are removed from the market

For every
For every:

  • $61 spent , a person quits smoking

  • $313 spent, a smoking related illness is prevented

  • $6250 spent, a life is saved

2013 2014 projects framework for widespread legalization of recreational marijuana use
2013-2014 Projects: Framework for Widespread Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Use

What preventative policies toward adolescent marijuana use will most effectively minimize public health risks?

Operationalizing the Research Question:

  • School based Prevention Programs

  • Risk-awareness Campaigns

  • Regulatory Policies

Why youth
Why Youth?

IQ Decline

Memory Loss

Mental Health Disorders

Long-term Consequences

Public policy applied policy workshop portfolio

Strategy A

Final Recommended Strategy

Strategy B

Strategy C

Strategy D

Strategy E

Public policy applied policy workshop portfolio
2013-2014 Projects: Policy Levers for Maintenance of Smoking De-Normalization in the E-cigarette Era

How does the diffusion of e-cigarette innovation influence normative changes surrounding smoking?

Why norms
Why norms?

Limited information on health effects

Unclear how devices will be regulated

Not included in current programs

Other projects in the health policy portfolio
Other Projects in the Health Policy Portfolio

  • 2013/2014

    • Healthy Cities, Fulton County*

    • Urban Agriculture, City of Atlanta

    • Telehealth reimbursement in GA, Marcus Autism Center*

  • 2011/2012

    • Housing Services for PLWHA, HOPWA agencies

    • 4th Tier insurance restrictions in GA, MS Society