c3 radioactive materials l.
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C3 –Radioactive materials PowerPoint Presentation
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C3 –Radioactive materials

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C3 –Radioactive materials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C3 –Radioactive materials. Exhaust gases 400 MJ. Electricity x MJ. Coal 2000 MJ. Cooling steam y MJ. Question 1. Complete the Sankey diagram and then calculate the efficiency of this coal fired power station? . Question 2. Which is the odd one out? Explain why? Coal Electricity

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C3 –Radioactive materials

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Presentation Transcript
question 1

Exhaust gases

400 MJ


x MJ


2000 MJ

Cooling steam

y MJ

Question 1

Complete the Sankey diagram and then calculate the efficiency of this coal fired power station?

question 2
Question 2
  • Which is the odd one out? Explain why?
      • Coal
      • Electricity
      • Gas
      • Oil
question 3
Question 3

Which is the odd one out? Explain why?

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Nuclear
  • Coal
question 4
Question 4

Radon-22 has a half-life of one minute,

sketch a graph to show its half-life and

explain what the term half-life means.

question 5
Question 5

Which of the following isotopes would be the best to use as a tracer in humans?

question 6
Question 6

Which of the following isotopes would it be

best to use in a pill to treat thyroid cancer?

question 7
Question 7

Which of the following statements is correct?

  • Electrons are found in the nucleus.
  • Protons are negatively charged.
  • All atoms of Carbon have same number of protons.
  • Radioactive decay can be slowed down by cooling the radioactive source.
question 8
Question 8

Which of the following is the most important source of background radiation in the UK?

  • Food and drink
  • Radon gas
  • Cosmic rays
  • Waste from nuclear power stationsMonoxide
question 9
Question 9

Which statement is False?

  • A few cm of air stops alpha radiation
  • A layer of dead skin stops alpha radiation
  • A few cm of aluminium stops gamma radiation
  • A few metres of concrete stops gamma radiation
question 10
Question 10

Which of the following would not result in radioactive contamination?

  • Breathing in radon gas
  • Being injected with technetium-99m to trace kidney damage
  • Sterilising surgical equipment with a gamma emitter.
  • Treating thyroid cancer with Iodine-131
question 11
Question 11

Which of the following is the correct block diagram for a nuclear power?

  • FurnaceBoilerTurbineGeneratorTransformer
  • FurnaceBoilerGeneratorTurbineTransformer
  • ReactorHeat exchanger GeneratorTurbineTransformer
  • ReactorHeat exchanger TurbineGeneratorTransformer
question 12
Question 12

Spot the mistakes

Intermediate level waste has to be stored under water. This is because it is made up of spent fuel rods that are highly radioactive.

question 13
Question 13

Spot the mistake

Nuclear fusion is when a neutron splits a uranium nucleus into two smaller nuclei and releases more neutrons, gamma rays and thermal energy.

question 14
Question 14

Spot the mistake

The control rods in a nuclear power station are used to absorb protons and hence speed up or slow down the rate of nuclear fission.

question 15
Question 15

Spot the mistake

Coal is a better means of producing electricity than natural gas because it produces less carbon dioxide.