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Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

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Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?. Chapter 23 Located at Mrs. Walizer’s classroom wikispace. www.walizerl@wikispaces.com. Welcome to the world of FDR. Born into a family of wealth and politics, Franklin Delano Roosevelt always dreamed of becoming President of the United States.

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who is franklin delano roosevelt

Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Chapter 23

Located at Mrs. Walizer’s classroom wikispace.


welcome to the world of fdr
Welcome to the world of FDR
  • Born into a family of wealth and politics, Franklin Delano Roosevelt always dreamed of becoming President of the United States.
  • Roosevelt's Childhood
  • View this link to read more about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s childhood.
fdr life in pictures
FDR Life in Pictures
  • "The most priceless assets are the young men and women of America - the raw material out of which the United States must shape its future."
  • ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 13, 1936
  • FDR Defining Moments in U.S. History
  • View this slide show of pictures highlighting FDR’s most important moments in U.S. history
listen up
Listen up!
  • Click on this audio clip of a ‘rap’ of FDR’s life.
  • FDR Rap
  • Complete this worksheet after listening to the ‘FDR Rap’.
  • FDR Study Guide
a new deal for the great depression
A New Deal for the Great Depression
  • After becoming President, FDR used government programs to combat the Great Depression.
  • FDR and the Great Depression
  • View this link to see how many factories were shut down, farms and homes were lost to foreclosure, mills and mines were abandoned, and people went hungry.
deal or no deal
Deal or No Deal?
  • While working on repairing the banking and financial matters, Roosevelt implemented programs to provide relief to farmers who were hardest hit by the depression.
  • The New Deal
the new deal 2010
The New Deal 2010
  • Millions of Americans benefited from FDR’s New Deal programs. In 2009, the U.S. economy took another down turn and President Obama created new programs such as an FHA Housing Security Program to help with the current crisis
  • 2010 New Deal Programs
  • View this link to find out more about the New Deal programs President Obama implemented today. Write down 4 programs and turn it in with your FDR study guide.
  • Roosevelt analyzed the severe economic and political problems facing the nation and he reasoned that the chances for economic recovery would have to be provided by the U.S. government. He instilled hope and renewed Americans sense of confidence and optimism.
  • Please hand in your FDR Study Guide and 4 New Deal 2010 programs at the conclusion of this power point.
  • www.walizerl@wikispaces.com
  • http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/franklindroosevelt
  • http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/education/resources/pdfs/roospictures_slideshow.pdf
  • http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/education/resources/rap.html
  • http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/education/resources/rap.html
  • http://americanhistory.about.com/b/2010/04/28/new-deal-programs.htm
  • http://www.angelfire.com/oh4/newdeal/
  • http://americanhistory.about.com/b/2010/04/28/new-deal-programs.htm
  • http://americanhistory.about.com/b/2010/04/28/new-deal-programs.htm
new deal lesson plan for teachers
New Deal Lesson Plan for Teachers
  • Title: Deal or No Deal?
  • Content Area: American Studies 2 CP
  • Grade Level: 9th Grade
  • Education Standards:
      • 1. Students will evaluate the impact of the New Deal work programs on business and the economy.
      • 2. Students will identify the business and consumer needs during the Great Depression.
      • 3. Students will describe the economic challenges President Roosevelt faced when he took office.
      • 4. Students will criticize and analyze political cartoons.
  • PA Academic Standards:
  • 8.3.9 A Grade 9 Students will identify and analyze the political and
  • Cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United States history.8.4.9 D Identify and evaluate conflict and cooperation among social groups
  • and organizations in United States history from 1890 to the Present.
  • Domestic Instability (e.g., Great Depression, assassination of political and social leaders, terrorist threats)8.1.9 A- Analyze chronological thinking and the difference between past and present.
  • www.cbsnews.com/.../main4667688.shtml
  • www.historyplace.com/speeches/fdr-first-inaug.htm
  • Content Background:
  • Students have previously studied the U.S. government’s involvement in helping the Americans who were struggling to survive the Great Depression. Students will learn how Americans still benefit from the programs began through Roosevelt’s New Deal such as banks, the stock market and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Students will summarize the initial steps to reform banking and finance. Students will view websites describing the New Deal Work programs and view political cartoons that were critical to FDR’s plan.
lesson plan procedure
Lesson Plan Procedure
  • Objectives:
      • 1. Students will discuss how people were suffering from lack of work, food, and hope during the Great Depression.
      • 2. Students will summarize Roosevelt’s creation of the New Deal.
      • 3. Students will identify programs created by the New Deal.
      • 4. Students will analyze political cartoons that were created to criticizing FDR’s programs.
  • Materials:
  • Introductory PowerPoint
  • Exploratory Sites
  • The American’s Textbook
  • Technology Source: Analyzing Political Cartoons
  • Student Study Guide
  • Procedures:
  • Students will start the virtual field trip by logging on to Mrs. Walizer’s wikispace at www.walizer.wikispaces.com
  • Student will click on the page New Deal Programs and then will select to open the PowerPoint entitled New Deal VFT.
  • Students must also select and open the Student Study Guide to be completed during exploration of the virtual field trip.
  • Students will navigate through the virtual field trip using the PowerPoint as a guide, exploring Stops 1-9.
  • Students will utilize the Student Study Guide to display knowledge gained on each of the field trip stops.
  • Students will complete the virtual field trip when they have successfully navigated through all seven stops and reach the final slide.
lesson plan assessment
Lesson Plan:Assessment
  • Assessment:
  • Students will be assessed on their completion of the virtual field trip Student Study Guide. Students will also have several worksheets to complete in class on the topic, before taking an assessment.
  • Multicultural Infusion:
  • Multicultural investigation is included in the virtual field trip as students discover how minorities were treated differently through the Great Depression and the social programs that were offered to the public. Students will investigate the job market and opportunities that were different to minorities and the lower working class.
  • Inclusion:
  • Several adaptations can be made to the lesson to provide modifications for all identified special education students in the classroom.
      • 1. Extra time and the opportunity for the Learning support students will have access to extra time in which to continue navigating through the virtual field trip. This extended time will take place in the learning support classroom setting.
      • 2. Sign language interpreters are provided for students who are hearing impaired. Closed captioning is available as well.
      • 3. Study guides created by the Learning support teachers will be available. Learning support students will have access to a computer with voice-activated dialogue, this computer program will read a website to the students who have difficulty processing written dialogue on websites.
      • 4. Paper printouts of websites may be utilized for learning support students who have visual processing difficulties, as well as continued support in their learning support classroom.
      • 5. Learning support students will have the opportunity to view the virtual field trip in the library in a quiet and individualized environment in an effort to minimize distractions if requested.
lesson plan resources
Lesson Plan Resources
  • Resources:
  • Websites Utilized:
  • www.archives.gov/education/lessons/fdr-fireside/
  • www.walizer.wikispaces.com
  • www.classzone.com/chapter23/newdeal.com
  • www.hpol.org/fdr/inaug/
  • www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=14473
  • www.newdeal.feri.org/
  • www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/franklindroosevelt