the abc s of fahrenheit 451 l.
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The ABC s of Fahrenheit 451

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The ABC s of Fahrenheit 451 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ABC s of Fahrenheit 451. Jack Las. is for Atomic War. In the world of Fahrenheit 451 there were two atomic wars. . is for Benjamin Franklin. In the book Benjamin Franklin is the first fireman. .

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is for “Dover Beach.” “Dover Beach” is the poem that Montag reads to Mildred's friends. The poem made Mrs. Phelps cry.


is for Gloria. Gloria is one of Mildred’s friends whose husband jumped off of a building to commit suicide.


is for Hound. The Hound is used to track people that own books; the machine injects morphine to your body.


is for Jets. There are jets flying around because there are always wars going on. The wars are usually about 2 days long.


is for Mildred. Mildred is Montag’s wife. Mildred is the one who calls in the alarm about the possession of the books.


is for Operator.

There were two operators curing Mildred. One was with a black cobra and the other with a pump that replaced her blood with new one.


is for Porches. Porches are not made anymore because people would sit on them and think, which is a bad thing to do.


is for Quality.

The lack of Quality is the number one reason why books are banned.


is for Reading. Reading is forbidden because it makes you smarter and then you’re not equal to others.


is for Salamander A salamander is a lizard that can live through fire. It is also one of Montag’s symbols.


is for

TV Wall. TV's are big plasma walls that cost $2000.


is for Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s Cabin is banned because it makes white people feel bad.


is for White Clown. White Clown is Jesus but people don’t know that because there is no religion. He also plays on “Family”.

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The End of the

Fahrenheit 451 ABCs