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Unit one. School life. School life. 南京金陵中学 邢文骏、倪庆荣、薛琳、曹琪、古敏、尹军. Welcome to the unit. School life. Pair work. When we are talking about our school life, What will we probably think of?. Group work . Group work. What is your dream school life like?

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Unit one

School life

School life



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Pair work

  • When we are talking about our school life, What will we probably think of?

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Group work

  • What is your dream school life like?

  • What kind of school activities do you enjoy?

  • What do you think of your life here in the new school?

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Home work

  • 1) Recall all the new words and expressions that appear in this unit.

  • 2) How much do you know about the school and school life in the UK? Try to surf the net, go to the library or interview foreign students.

  • 3) Preview the following lesson.

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school life in the uk

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  • School life in the UK.

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Reading strategy

Skimming and scanning

Skimming: to get a general idea of the article.

  • focus on the title, heading, captions, the first and last sentences of paragraphs, charts and pictures …

    Scanning: to locate specific information about an article.

  • Look for key words and phrases, dates and words in bold, italics or capital letters…

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Skim the passage

  • How does Wei Hua feel about her life in the UK?

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Scan the letter

  • What topics are mentioned in the Wei Hua’s letter?

  • Are the following aspects of school life mentioned in the article?

  • teachers

  • classmates

  • friends

  • subjects

  • homework

  • food

  • hobbies

  • customs

  • traditions

  • festivals

  • grades

  • timetable

  • activities

  • school facilities

  • host family

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Group work

  • What’s the similarity and difference between the schools in China and the UK?

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Pair work

  • Now you are a reporter from the school magazine, and have a chance to interview Wei Hua. What other information would you like to know about her life and study in the UK?

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1. Complete parts D and E

2. Read the article in reading on page 82 in WB and answers the questions below it.

2. Daniel Adams will come to your school as an exchange student. Write a letter to him and introduce your school life to him.

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complete the chart and retell the letter.

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Language focus

  • Words:

    • attend (join / join in / take part in )

    • prepare

    • miss (missing / gone / lost)

    • experience

    • information

    • sounds

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  • Phrases:

    • for free

    • a bit / a little

    • as well as

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  • Sentences:

    • Going to a British school for one year has been a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me.

    • I do like eating.

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  • Translation


    Jim joined us in the discussion.


    Jane is busy preparing for their lessons.


    I missed the early bus.

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Experience is the best teacher.


I am not a bit tired.

6) 他确实告诉了我这个故事。

He did told me the story.

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  • Page 84

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1. Read the article in reading on page 83 in WB and answers the questions below it.

2. Write a summary of the article written by Wei Hua.

3. Finish the exercise on the workbook.