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Unit one. Women of achievement. Foreword. For thousands of years the achievements of women have been largely ignored. History was written almost exclusively by men about men - men's accomplishments, and men's discoveries.

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Unit one

Women of achievement


For thousands of years the achievements of women have been largely ignored.

History was written almost exclusively by men about men - men's accomplishments, and men's discoveries.

But today, as women around the world are forging ahead in industry, politics, and the arts and sciences, it is more important than ever to look back at those who laid the groundwork for our current achievements.

Both in the past and at present, women contributed to world culture in many different ways. There are women writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others.
She was a Polish-French chemist and physicist whose work with radioactive elements provided the foundation for the Atomic Age. She was the first women in France to receive a PhD in science, the first woman to lecture at the Sorbonne University in France. She won one Nobel Prizes in physics and one in chemistry, and became the first person to receive this prestigious award twice.
  • She was the mother of Irene Curie, another winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry.


Marie Curie

Her nickname was “The iron lady”.She was the United Kingdom’s first women prime minister. She came to Office in May 1979 and remained until her resignation in November 1990, making her the longest serving prime minister in 150 years.

Her government followed a radical program of privatization , reform of the Trade Unions, tax cuts and the introduction of market mechanisms into health and education. The aim was to reduce the role of government and increase individual self-reliance.

Margaret Thatcher

Born in New York, she was the founder of the international cosmetics empire that bears her name. She started her enterprise by selling skin creams concocted by her uncle, a chemist, in beauty shops,

From humble beginnings, she created a Family dynasty that thrives to this day . She was the maker and marketer of creams, colognes and cosmetics.

1908---2004 Estee Lauder

The queen of creams

She founded the missionaries of charity in 1948.She was truly an angel of mercy serving the poorest of the poor for her God. She will always be remembered for her many acts of kindness to humanity, especially the poor in body, mind, and spirit.Her selfless work has brought her many awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.
She will always remain close to our hearts!

Her wedding was truly a royal wedding that every girl has dreamed of at one time or another. She truly had a Cinderella wedding.

Though her wedding became a tabloidspectacle, she remained loyal to her causes of helping children and the afflicted, especially those with AIDS. She represented youth, royalty, compassion, and beauty!

A"Cinderella" wedding

to Prince Charles

Princess Diana

Born in England, she is the world's best-known mystery writer. Her books have sold over a billion copies in the English language and another billion in over 45 foreign languages. She is outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare.Her writing career spanned more than half a century. Among the detective stories she wrote, the most famous ones are:Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile.

Agatha Christie 1890—1976

The queen of crimes

She is the world's foremost authority on chimpanzees. In 1960, when she ventured into the rugged beauty of Tanzania’s Gombe Stream Reserve, the world knew little about the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild. Since then, her pioneering work has shed new light on human evolutionary development,which has been acknowledged as one of the world’s great scientific achievements.

Jane Goodall 1934--

The Great Conservationist

There was something in her smile, in her eyes, in her timeless and natural elegance. She was a much beloved actress, icon of style, devoted mother, humanitarian and spokesperson for the children of the world.She became very popular with her role in Roman Holiday in 1953. This film turned out to be a smashing success as she won an Oscar as Best Actress. One of her most radiant roles was My Fair Lady in 1964.

In 1988, she became a special ambassador to the United Nations UNICEF fund helping children in Latin America and Africa.

Audrey Hepburn

She is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods.

She was the daughter of a wealthy British Landowner. She has always wanted to be a nurse, but it was not considered a proper profession for a young lady at that time. She went to the Crimea to help the wounded soldiers.

When Nightingale's sanitary reform was implemented, the mortality rate declined.

Hello, bear,

who is your hero?

Florence Nightingale


What are the qualities that make a distinguished woman?

Intelligent Ambitious Self-motivated Daring

Innovative Caring Positive Sensitive Persistent








will power

Attitude is a little thing that makes a great difference!

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Two future paths for young girls:

Be a contented woman

Be a career woman

Pair work: Discussion

Your tips for girl peers to choose a life path.

Topic for boys:

Your own preference for a future path

Topic for girls:

Written Assignment:
  • Describe the key qualities that make a successful woman.
  • Your own idea of a girl ‘s future life path.


Match the explanations with new words


Finish something successfully v.

The state that something is in n.

Help provided by government organizations for people with social and financial problems n.

An organization for a special purpose

The way in which two things are related to each other.





A series of actions intended to achieve a particular result. n.

Someone who is very skilled at a subject n.

Use your time, effort,in order to do or help something be successful.v.

Something deserves the time, efforts and money. a.

A hollow place made by a bird to make its home in .n.

See and notice something. v.







To disagree with someone in words

To state ,give clear reasons, that sth is true

To give sb. the idea for a story, poem

The speed or number of times at which something happens over a period of time,

Take something somewhere,or make a speech to people. V.

Always thinking of what other people need or want.a.

Unwillingly to talk proudly about one’s abilities,and achievements.a.








He will never a_____ anything if he does not work hard.

You get a wonderful sense of a _________ when you reach the top.

The car has been well maintained and is in excellent c ________.

Poor working c _______ lead to demoralized and unproductive employees.

Most of the people in this neighborhood are on w ____.

He works in Social Science Research I ______.







Police have so far failed to establish the c ______ between the two murders.

He used his Mafia c ________ to find Pablo another job.

Martin started a c_______ for equal rights with white people.

He is a heart s_______.

He decided to s_________ in heart research .

Don’t try to repair it yourself—it requires s _______ knowledge.

I had this dress made s________ for the wedding.








A s _____ school is a school for children with special needs,that is,children with mental or physical problems.

I’m d ______ all my time and energy to being a mum.

Mother Teresa has d ______ herself to caring for the poor.

I would rather the money went to a w ________ cause.

I sat in a corner and o _______what was going on.

This custom has been o ________ by most people.

The UN has sent a team of o _______ to the peace talk.

She is in hospital under o ________.









The family a _____bitterly over who should inherit the house.

Croft a ______ that a date should be set for the withdrawal of the troops.

Whether or not Webb is the best person for the job is a _________.

The couple’s a________ seemed to be about who was going to take the dog to the vet.

When he drinks, he becomes a __________.

The story was i_______by a chance meeting with a Russian duke.







I haven’t started writing the article yet. I am still waiting for i________. I prefer i________ music.

I can always count on Gail to be s _________when things go wrong.

You can’t tear down the s _______ wall in decoration.

Our money was running out at an alarming r _____.

The divorce r _____ rose sharply this year.

I am having some flowers d ________for her birthday.

It is a custom for the principal to d _______a new term speech.









Background Information:

Jane Goodll’s work was supported by a famous scientist who had been studying how early people appeared on earth. He thought that early people might have developed from chimps and apes.

One difficulty Jane had was the way she identified the chimps in a family. She gave them names (not numbers) and noted their personal ways of doing things.


Questions for thinking:

  • Would Jane Goodall have done such interesting work if she had gone to university before going to Africa?
  • What difficulties might she have had when she did eventually go to university to study for her PhD?
Clear up the language difficulty.

you have problem doing something but the result is useful

Making it worthwhile:

Persuade people by your evidence, knowledge and arguments that their ideas were wrong.

To change the way people think about something:

You can’t forget the idea, and every time you stop to relax, the idea comes back to your mind

Crowding in:

Understanding ideas:

How did Jane do her research and why?

Work with the animals in their environment.

Only in this way could she observe and record the their daily activities.

What were the difficulties of her daily life?

Imagine how hard it would be to lead a hard life in the wild without her mum’s help.

Why was it important to study chimps in the wild?

They might not behave the same way when they are in captivity.

Discussion of style:

What is the structure of the reading passage?

Do you think it is well-organized?

Main idea for the first, second, third para?

How Jane and her group observed the chimps daily life.


How Jane started her life with African wild life.


The value and rewards of her persistence.



Do exercises on page 3, 4, 5,6

Language points

Qualities that makes a great person

If you train hard, you will become a good footballer.

This coat will make a good present for my father.

She concerned herself with welfare projects.

When she finished working, she concerns herself with looking after the old people.

This story concerns a young man who is wrongly imprisoned.

We are concerned about our teacher’s illness.

Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings.

Is there a connection between the moon and the tide?

The light goes on and off. Is there a loose connection?

Jody helped found an international campaign to stop the use of the landmines.

The office started a campaign against smoking.

We started a campaign for money raising for the flooded area.

Bush was on campaign for re-election.

This means going back to a place.

I mean to go abroad next week.

I am sorry for what I have said. I never mean to insult you.

To raise wages means producing cost.

Silence means consent.

He meant what he said.

What do you mean by…?你… 是什么意思?

What do you mean by coming here this morning?

She gave her husband a meaningful look?

He made several meaningful pauses during the speech.

She was determined to work with animal in their own environment

Character determines destiny.

I am determined to leave and nothing can stop me.

Only after her mother came to help her was she allowed to begin her project. ( Inversion)

Only then did I realize that I was wrong.

Only in this way can you work out the problem.

Only when he comes back will we start the discussion.

Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps.

Once you talk to him, you’ll know he is a good guy.

Once you show any fear, he will attack.

They managed to crowd into the train.

They crowded through the gates and into the stadium.

Memories crowded in upon me.

He crowded everything into the trunk and then could not close it.

Reading II

One of them caught my eye.

The boy knocked on the window to catch my attention.

I was caught in a traffic jam.

She caught me smoking a cigarette.

Cut the death rate

Cut the report to four pages please!.

You must cut the expenses this month.

They cut the workers’ wages at will.

Caring for babies by following some simple rules.

I don’t care for standing in queues

I care very little for fame.

Who is to care for me when I am in hospital?

The house looked well cared for.

No one cares about distant relatives nowadays.

Who thinks only of himself and doesn’t care about the others?

The book was intended for women who lived in the countryside.

What do you intend to do?

Used in passive voice

The experiment is intended to test the theory.

This gift is intended for you.

His remark was intended for me.

The movie is intended for adults only.

Deliver a baby for a poor family

She delivered twins at 4 a.m.

They delivered that woman.

The doctor delivered Mrs. Jones of triplets.

He delivered an important speech

We can deliver goods to your door.