13 colonies n.
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13 Colonies

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13 Colonies. By Mr. Griffin. List the 4 Middle Colonies. NY NJ PA DE. What country was the first to settle NY?. The Dutch/Netherlands. What year did England take New York from the Dutch?. 1664. Delaware was originally part of what colony?. Pennsylvania.

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13 Colonies

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13 colonies

13 Colonies

By Mr. Griffin

New Jersey’s laws protected religious freedom Allowed people of all different faiths to settle in NJ
Peace FairnessNot supporting WarNot supporting the Church of EnglandAll men were equalTolerationNot bowing to royalty

William Penn wanted Pennsylvania to be a “holy experiment” – by allowing people of all faiths to settle there.Side note – later Penn was forced to turn away Catholics and Jews by English officials

Why was Roger Williams unhappy in Massachusetts? How did he disagree with the way the colony was being run?
very limited could not vote participate in government they could not become ministers etc
Very limited – could not vote, participate in government, they could not become ministers, etc….
To act as a buffer between the Spanish and English ColoniesA place for people who owed money to start over