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Survivor Island PowerPoint Presentation
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Survivor Island

Survivor Island

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Survivor Island

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  1. Welcome to Survivor Island T. Trimpe 2006

  2. Tribes Each class will be split into several tribes of 3 to 4 students. Tribes will work together during the immunity and reward challenges to earn points or rewards. Inappropriate behavior or disruptive behavior will result in a loss of points or the elimination of the tribe from the competition. Tribes will be assigned colors and will create their own name. (Names must be appropriate!) Let’s get started ... Pick your tribe and your team color by sitting at the correct island. Create a tribe name, fill out your totem pole, and add your name to the table sign.

  3. Immunity Challenges Immunity challenges will relate to topics we have studied this year. The theme of each challenge will be revealed in each Survivor Mail announcement. Teams will earn points based on the number of correct answers they have on each challenge. The team with the highest score earns immunity and will wear an immunity necklace until the next immunity challenge. Teams can lose points for bad behavior or failure to return immunity necklaces! The team with the highest score will earn immunity, which means they cannot lose those points at the next Tribal Council.

  4. Reward Challenges Challenges will relate to a wide range of topics. Teams will earn rewards for their efforts, such as free gum-chewing passes, candy, soda, treasure chest items, and more! The team with the highest score will earn the reward and a bonus of 10 points for their team’s score. Reward points cannot be lost at the next Tribal Council.

  5. Tribal Council The winner of an immunity challenge will be announced at the start of the next class and tribal council will be held. All tribes will vote for one team to lose the points that were earned on the last immunity challenge. Each tribe will have only one vote during each tribal council. Tribes cannot lose points from previous immunity challenges or points earned from reward challenges!

  6. Survivor Rules Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. The teacher’s decision is final! Play fair! Cheating and dishonest behavior will result in a loss of points or possible elimination from the game. Alliances are ok, but be careful that they don’t hurt you in the long run! Survivor Prize Package The top scoring team from each class will win a class award and be entered into a drawing for a super duper Survivor Prize Package!

  7. Are you ready for the challenge?