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HELLO! 2 nd Prep FIRST TERM. Unit One. Jobs. Hello. I am Wesam. I am a police man. I work in a police station. I catch thieves. Hello. I am Abdallah. I am a mechanic. I work in a garage. I check and fix cars.

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Unit one




Unit one

Hello. I am Wesam. I am a police man. I work in a police station. I catch thieves.

Hello. I am Abdallah. I am a mechanic. I work in a garage. I check and fix cars.

Hello. I am Soha. I am a secretary. I work in an office. I write letters and use phones and computers

Unit one

Hello. I am Nora. I am a doctor. I examine patients and give them medicine.

Hello. I am Hamdy. I am a teacher. I work in a school. I help students.

Hello. I am Zeinab. I am a housewife. I work at home. I cook food and clean the house.

Unit one

Hello. I am Samy. I am a hotel manager. I work in a hotel. I make sure rooms are clean and comfortable.

Hello. I am Hassan. I am a scientist. I work in a science lab.

Hello. I am Sahar. I am a TV reporter. I work on TV. I talk with people.

Unit one

Hello. I am Nahla. I am a nurse. I work in a hospital. I help doctors.

Hello. I am Sherif. I am a sales assistant. I work in a shop. I sell things.

Hello. I am Magda. I am a clothes designer. I work with clothes. I have ideas for new clothes.

Unit one

Grammar help doctors.

The present simple tense 1 habits and repeated actions 2 facts which are always true
The present simple Tense help doctors.1-Habits and repeated actions2-Facts which are always true

Unit one

1- The earth help doctors.goes round the sun.

2- She alwayscooks lunch for her family.

3- Ali rides a bike to his work everyday.

4- Lions eat meat.

5- I oftengo to the cinema with friends.

6- Water boils at 100 degree Celsius.

7- The train to Alexandria leaves at 6 o'clock.

8- Samira usuallyvisit her aunt on Friday.

9- Water turns into ice when you freeze it.

10- We sometimesplay football in the afternoon.

Unit one

1- Lions help doctors.don’teat grass.

2- Bob and Ann don’tread newspapers very often.

3- He likes football, but he doesn’tplay very often.

4- Jack doesn’tlike music.

5- I usually don’tdrink juice.

Unit one

1- help doctors.Does your father drink coffee too much?

2- How often does your father drink coffee?

3- Whodrinks coffee too much?

4- Do you have lunch at home at two o'clock?

5- Wheredo you have lunch?

6- Whendo you have lunch?

Unit one

Exercises help doctors.

Unit one

Finish the following dialogue: help doctors.

Hany: Hello, Gamal. Can I ask you some questions?

Gamal: Yes, of course.

Hany: What's your mother's ………1……………?

Gamal: She's a doctor.

Hany: What does she……………2……….……..?

Gamal: She examines patients and give them …………..3……….

Hany: Where does she work?

Gamal: She works in hospital, in the evening she works in


Unit one

Supply the missing parts in the following two mini-dialogues:

A : Where does a scientist work?

B : --------------------------------------------------------------- .

A : ---------------------------------------------------------------?

B : She helps doctors in hospitals.

Unit one

  • 1. ......................... Ahmed like orange juice?

  • Are b) Is c) Does d) Do

  • 2. A sales assistant ........................ in a shop and sells things.

  • works b) work c) to work d) is working

  • 4. A....................... works in a hotel.

  • doctor b) mechanic c) hotel manager d) teacher

  • 5. Mrs. Nadia has new ideas for clothes. She's a clothes .....................

  • a) designing b) designer c) designs d) designed

  • Unit one

  • 1. My sister enjoys to listen to music.

  • 2. Reading is my favourite happy.

  • 3. Where does you spend the weekend?

  • 4. I am at a primary school two years ago.

  • Good Luck: Mr. Hamdy