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Lisa Davis Music Group/ SCMC Music Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Lisa Davis Music Group/ SCMC Music Conference

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Lisa Davis Music Group/ SCMC Music Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lisa Davis Music Group/ SCMC Music Conference
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  1. Lisa Davis Music Group/SCMC Music Conference Bridget Anderson Internship

  2. Booking Agent • So far, I’m still continuing to work as Booking Agent for the SCMC Music Conference. • I still find panelists that will join our conference around the country. • Some of the big names that I have booked recently are MDL, who has produced the #1 hit “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. • Warren Oak Felder, who has done some of Chris Browns old productions, along with Elle Varners new album. Most recently he has produced on Rihanna’s new album “Unapologetic.

  3. A&R Intern Consultant • I’m still continuing to work as an A&R Intern Consultant. People send their music in to my email and I will listen and give feedback. • If I see an interest in their music, I will invite them out to one of our conferences where they can perform in front of our panel of A&Rs from Def Jam records, Konvict, and Atlantic. • I have helped two artists perform at our Atlanta, GA conference.

  4. Gwen Bunn • I first discovered the neo-soul artist Gwen Bunn on 106 & Park. She was a contestant on 106 and park and I was instantly fell in love with her voice. I got in contact with her through twitter and we began to exchange emails where I eventually invited her to one of our conferences. • She did an amazing job performing and Tmah from “Konvict Records” was interested in following up with her afterwards the conference. •

  5. Panel • On December 1st, I went to Atlanta to help with the conference. I was asked to sit on the panel since I have been doing a really good job with the internship. • This was a nerve racking experience, but a once in a lifetime chance! • I got to judge the beat battle, where the winner got a 1 on 1 A&R consulting time with Amber from Def Jam. • I also gave artists advice about building their brand and how they could improve their music.

  6. That’s me! (2nd from the left)

  7. What I’ve learned from Lisa Davis. • The huge thing that I’ve learned from Lisa Davis is to never be afraid to make connections. My confidence has definitely taken a step up since taking this internship. I’m not afraid to talk to strangers anymore. • FOLLOW UP! This is the most important thing you can do. Following up with artists, producers, managers, songwriters, etc. Everyone has a busy schedule, but if you’re waiting on a reply from them. A nice email reminding them can never hurt. • Everything is a learning experience. I had an artist come out to the SCMC. He forgot his song halfway through. I brought him out, so he felt bad that he made me look bad. I worked with him on his music, and he’s coming back to another conference in March 2013.

  8. HARDWORK PAYS OFF! • Lisa Davis Music Group has treated me like family. “This is only the beginning…” is what I keep telling myself. • Soon, I will get to travel around the country to conferences. I am suppose to travel to LA December 15thand Nashville in January. All expenses paid. • I am truly blessed for this opportunity and have learned so much from my mentors Lisa Davis, Taira Daniels, and Kash Johns.