reasons why america renounced isolationism and entered wwi n.
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Reasons why America renounced Isolationism and entered WWI PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons why America renounced Isolationism and entered WWI

Reasons why America renounced Isolationism and entered WWI

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Reasons why America renounced Isolationism and entered WWI

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  1. Reasons why America renounced Isolationism and entered WWI • Underlying Causes • Sinking of the Lusitania • Unrestricted submarine warfare • Trade and loans to the Allies • Cultural connections (language, heritage, etc.) shared with Allies (esp. England) • Immediate Cause • Zimmerman telegram

  2. The Entry of the USA Into World War One In 1917

  3. neutral • US had never been an ally of any European power. So they decided to remain _______ in 1914. • Many Americans were of German descent and so they approved of the policy of ___________. isolationism

  4. Why did America join the war on the side of the allies? • Moral reasons • Political reasons • Economic Reasons

  5. Moral Reasons Sinking of the Lusitania • On May 1st, 1915 the boat, Lusitania departed from New York for Liverpool, carrying 1959 passengers. • It is said that warnings were given to them about the German U-boats. • Lusitania was traveling slowly through the fog towards the south of Ireland where the German subs were waiting, not aware of this the Captain continued to sail slowly and in a straight line instead of a zigzagged line, which was meant to be a way of avoiding U-boats. • With one single torpedo the Germans managed to sink the boat. • In 18 minutes the boat sank and of the 1,959 passengers 1,195 passengers died.

  6. Lusitania

  7. Moral Reasons Unrestricted Submarine Warfare • For the majority of the war, the German Navy was bottled up in her ports. There was only one major confrontation at sea- the Battle of ______- the result was indecisive. • Germany, therefore, used submarines, ___________, firstly to sink ships which were supplying Britain with essential war materials and secondly to open trade routes for Germany. • When the USA protested, the Germans suspended this policy of ___________ submarine warfare. • In 1917, Germany resumed the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare out of sheer desperation due to their lack of material caused by the British blockade. • Finally, America’s heritage and ancestry was English (language, legal, political, etc.) Jutland U-Boats unrestricted

  8. U-Boat UC 44 Class U-boat 1) Aft torpedo tubes 2) Electric motor 3) Main engine 4) Control room 5) Mine tubes 6) Forward torpedo tubes 7) Crew quarters

  9. U-Boat

  10. Political Reasons Zimmerman Telegram • Although Wilson made the USA’s entry into the war seem like a matter of conscience, he hinted at political reasons too. • The German Foreign Secretary, __________, sent a telegram to his ambassador in Mexico which said, “We intend to begin unrestricted submarine warfare. If there is a war with the USA, we will offer Mexico and alliance-make war on our side, and Mexico can re-conquer the lost territory of Texas, New Mexico and ________. Zimmerman Arizona

  11. Zimmermann Telegram

  12. Mexican Cession 1848

  13. Economic Reasons Trade and loans with the Allies • Despite officially being a neutral country, American business interests realised that big profits could be made by trading with Europe and goods poured across the ________ almost from the beginning of the war. • If Germany sank America’s ships, trade with France and Britain would stop. • This would mean unemployment in America and __________ could set in. • Moreover if the Allies lost the war, they would not pay back the money America had loaned them. Atlantic depression

  14. Wilson declared war on Germany stating: • “Vessels of every kind, whatever their flag, their cargo, their destination, their errand, have been ruthlessly sent to the bottom without warning or thought of help – the vessels of friendly neutrals, even ________ ships. Since the start of the war the Germans have had spies in America. Now she means to stir up enemies at our very doors. The “world must be made safe for ___________.” hospital Democracy

  15. America’s Role in the War • America needed time to recruit, train and send over their armies, but within a few months they were sending over ________ men a month. • They had few _________ factories, tanks, or airplanes, but their navy was quickly in use in the Atlantic. • American loans were particularly useful. • Most importantly, they gave a huge boost in ______. For the first time the Allies see a hope of victory. 50,000 munitions morale